Sound Off, June 5

June 5, 2013

I would like to give a big Cheer to my daughters teachers this year at Emma Roberson Mrs. Galvan and Ms. Kemper and at Brawner Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Carocci, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Richie, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. McGuire, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Goodrich and also to all the school’s support staff. You have touched my daughter’s lives forever. Thank you for all you do!

The center lane on 377 East is a left turn lane. It is not a get up to speed and try to merge into traffic.

I am Sooooooo saddened to see that the Opera House has been so drastically historically dystroyed! Whoever is responsible for the actions should forever be ashamed. This is the oldest opera house West of the Mississippi and now it is just a skeleton of our precious history.

Cheers to Mr. Berryman at GMS! I attended a day in my shoes at GMS and Mr. Berryman seems to genuinely care for his students and they love him! Thank you Mr. Berryman for all you do!

Jeers to Hood County News for neglecting to recognize the biggest volunteer efforts in the tornado disaster. Home Depot, H-E-B, and Mission Granbury. I have never seen more teamwork and genuine love for a community than from those organizations. Why can’t our newspaper at least TRY to recognize the ringleaders in the volunteer efforts.

Cheers: To the old time local bank that always steps up and helps the community in the time of need. The people of the county appreciate it.

Jeers: I cannot believe what I heard on the news this morning. FEMA will give grants to people to help install storm shelters in four counties near us, but not Hood.

Couldn’t the Granbury Utility meeting be planned at a time when people who want to come wouldn’t have to take off work? If in town 4:00 is not good, and if you work out of town 6:00 is no good – you are not even through Cresson hold up trying to get to Granbury. Maybe City wanted it that way – no one could come.

To the four young people who were so thoughtful to help clear debris from Pecan Plantation: Many thanks! You’re a credit to your families!

Jeers to the individual placing a metal bed frame in the paper only recycle bin located in the Pecan Plantation driving range parking area. Sign on the bin says please no cardboard or phonebooks. Need to add no metal bedframes?

Jeers to all the disrespectful assistant principals. Your disrespectful tone, sarcasm and the way you talk to teachers in front of students and parents teach students and parents how to treat the teachers and staff.

Jeers to a society that thinks that if your kid has a special ed. label that they should never be punished for misbehaving. They still have to learn right from wrong and that there are consequences for actions. Their parents need to learn this as well.

Jeers to the local retailer that delivered a little over 1/2 of my ordered bulk item, and charged me a full cash price. When I called in the discrepancy to the Mgr, I was told it was a fill order. When I asked for more, he said they were out of that item. Send what you have, bill for full amount. Great way to run a business.

We purchased a home here in Granbury two years ago this month, with hopes of moving here and starting a new business. However, it appears that what was a lovely little growing community has become a dying town with numbered days. Vacant businesses on the Square, others closing down, real estate values dropping … so sad …thanks BRA.

Jeers to the person asking if the B.R.A. is still needed. The agency is the Brazos RIVER Authority, and even with your precious lake being low, there is still a river to be managed and patrolled. There are still people who get on the water, break down, have accidents, and run aground who need help. There are still laws to be enforce. So YES!

Ditto to the jeers in regard to the swamp boat that wakes you in the middle of the night with blinding lights and horrific loud noise. You might try reciprocating with your search light but beware of the profanity that will follow.

Am I the only person in Granbury sad about the Opera House? I realize that there is nothing original left of the structure, but doesn’t the history of the 70s and Jo Ann Miller’s amazing renovation count for nothing? The 70s were 40 years ago – that’s history too.

Really? You actually believe that because the commissioners didn’t allow you to pray in the courthouse is the reason that Granbury was hit by a tornado that killed 6 people, 9 horses, displaced families, did millions of damage, etc? I’d hate to see what YOUR god does when he’s really angry. Come on, break out a science book or two.

Cheers to all responders to the tornado victims. I have never seen an event that Stonewater Church was not there to help. Everyone is so kind and helpful and they are a sea of blue or orange in this case, when you need it.

While your website provided valuable information during and after the tornado, it is once again back to the same movies at the library and arrest reports (and even those are not timely). How about putting up information that is relevant to us instead of getting back into the same old rut?

For those who think waterfront owners are just whiners. Did you hear the usual Memorial Weekend frolic and boat traffic? It’s not there, and for the lack of all that visitor traffic, there is a serious lack of revenue. till think we are worried only about ourselves? It will and is affecting everyone who pays taxes in Granbury.

BRA is taking an advantage of an opportunity they’ve known about for years. Less water surface means more water to sell. The situation (opportunity to BRA) was started by the drought and when that argument gets weak BRA falls back on their excuse; “Oh it’s because we shut off the power station at PK.”

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