Sound Off, June 26

June 26, 2013

Can anyone out there defend this President, his actions, inactions, or those of his administration?

Jeers to the Tax Appraisal Appellate Board. It appears that Hood County’s need for more revenue is greater than the “Unbiased” Panel of Three to do the right thing.

Cheers to Dave Moore for his article “Heartbreaking for all.” Parents and teens must be responsible and held accountable for their decisions concerning substance abuse and underage drinking.

We must wonder if the “3-person” representation from PK has the backing of the rest of their “alliance” up there to release more water downstream to Lake Granbury? Talk about creating a feud?

Jeers to BRA spokesperson regarding vegetation under our boat docks. It is now our property and we will handle it as such: mow it down or treat with pesticides; our choice.

As I see the lake level drop, I still notice all the lush green lawns, particularly water front property. It’s said that this is a man made drought as well as natural. Turn off your pumps irrigating your yards and do your part during this drought! Your vanity is not helping!

Has anyone else noticed that when it rains here and all up the Brazos River Basin that Lake Granbury actually goes down even more? All I see out my back door is dirt and weeds. BRA you need to mow your lawn!

Jeers as usual to BRA. It has rained hard all up and down the Brazos River basin from northwest of Lubbock to down here several days in a row. The lake is still pathetic!

July is National Fragile X Awareness Month. If you know what autism is then you should know what Fragile X is. Most children are misdiagnosed and all it takes is a simple DNA test. Fragile X affects generations of family. You may be a carrier and not even know it. I was. You may not even know what it is until it affects your children. I didn’t.

When going to the bank to get cash be sure and count your money before you leave. I went to the drive thru window counted my cash and was shorted $40.

Jeers to the Commissioners of Hood County. The men and women of our Hood County Law Enforcement Center are over-looked, underpaid, and under-appreciated. They work long and hard countless hours serving our huge county and are treated with less respect and recognition.

It seems that every HC NEWS I have read during the past, folks have a complaint about the water level in the lake. Just a couple of comments. 1) have you bothered to look at the water level at other regional lakes? 2) We seem not to be overly concerned about the ecoil count in the lake past and future.

Jeers to the Hood County Police Department for merely ticketing underage drinkers. Last June Granbury experienced a young fatality as a result of drunk driving. We are not sending a very strong message to teenagers for underage drinking if we merely ticket them.

Cheers to Granbury High School administration and GISD administration for making graduation very special for one senior and his father.

Jeers to the commissioners for spending $21,000 on 13 chairs! There HAS to be tons of comfortable chairs to be found that cost a LOT less than $1,240 each. Even 13 nice $100 chairs can be replaced when needed and still end up coming out ahead.

I’ve lived here for a long time and have seen worse droughts than this. In fact, our rainfall for the past 2 years is nothing close to drought conditions. Last year on July 4th the lake was full. All your useless prayers have no effect on the BRA. It’s their water and they are going to sell it. We need to limit more development.

I really don’t appreciate the postal employee that delivered my package on June 19, 2013 throwing my package in the middle of my front yard.

To all the non waterfront property owners that think the disappearing lake will not impact them: when waterfront property values fall, the tax base decreases. The taxing authorities will make that up with higher rates which means non water front properties pay more than they previously did. Thanks for picking up the slack!

Ok I do not get it. For the past 38 years the lake has only been down an average of 2 ft, even when PK was down 16 ft. Since the BRA closed the power plant at PK Granbury has suffered. PK is primarily a weekend home site. Granbury has almost all permanent residents. Why can’t the BRA release 2 feet of water from PK and help out Granbury.

Wonderful support for storm victims, not just a couple of churches or organizations! Also Habitat homes have insurance which provided replacement, temporary lodging, etc. Sadly many homeowners or renters do not buy insurance. Be thankful we live in such a generous community but please do not abuse it!

Jeers to the person complaining that they will not be able to watch the fireworks because they can’t get their boat out of their dock. I have not missed the show in 18 years and not once have I been on the water to watch it.

I concur with the writer who jeered the ISD for slipping in the new astro turf without voter approval, THAT was sneaky. However, a ninth grade center near the high school or adding onto the high school to accommodate them is NECESSARY, and what about transportation getting ignored too?

We will give a cheers to the lake overseers if they would take this opportunity to cut the dead trees in the lake down to a lower level, making boating and swimming safer. Drop the limbs in the water for fish shelter but cut them up some making sure they will not extend upwards.

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