Sound Off, June 19

June 19, 2013

Employees working in Hood County offices – Not all, but some need to learn good customer service. Please don’t talk to those you serve like they are stupid and make rude comments.

A big thank you to Daniel Sievert and his two, beautiful, 4-legged companions for coming all the way from California to bring joy and comfort to those who needed it! Bless you for your kind and caring heart!

It keeps on raining and the BRA keeps on draining. Meanwhile, Gov. Perry fiddles while Lake Granbury burns.

For the first time ever, we can’t watch the July 4th fireworks because our boat is land-locked. This event was our favorite time of the year for our family and for Granbury.

Recently refinanced our mortgage and our home appraisal was $100K less than two years ago. The negative impact of the BRA is real and it will affect us all. Never thought that one government agency could so effectively devastate Hood County’s qualify of life. Thanks to all who join the fight against the BRA.

Cheers to Granbury saxophone quartet ! Your concert was fantastic. You guys rocked.

I just cannot believe how inappropriately our young people are dressing out in public. It is a shame that they do not think more of themselves. Especially even the older over weight people. Please show some respect.

Economic study: Since the lake has been down, H-E-B, Chick-fil-A and Michaels have opened, Kroger & Brookshire’s remodelled, Dairy Queen and Taco Casa are building, Kroger announces new store and new homes continue to be built. Granbury and Hood County are not driven by only the lake. The fee for this study can be donated to the tornado victims!

CHEERS to Premier High School: 51 students graduated with 100|% college acceptance. Six students had a GPA of 4.00 or higher and four students earned Ronald Reagan Leadership Awards. Three seniors were distinguished graduates.

There seems to be something liberating about ignorance and inexperience. You are free to believe whatever you want to, unencumbered by hard facts and, if you have political power, to impose your headstrong ignorance on those with first-hand knowledge.” Thomas Sowell. Does that strike a nerve to those of you who believe we are not in a drought?

So, let me get this straight. The Southern Baptist churches are wanting to cut ties with the Boy Scouts because they have finally allowed gays to join. Yet, they never seemed to have a problem with the straight Boy Scout leaders who are pedophiles. What’s wrong with this picture?

Jeers to Roger Enlow and HCNews staff for ignoring Premier High School’s 51 graduates. This great group had 100% college acceptance and guest speakers were US Congressman Conaway and Judge Macon with an estimated 900 in attendance. Top 10% were all honor graduates with 4.0 GPA or better. Entire school volunteered to help with relief efforts.

Congrats to the 2013 GHS Project Graduation Board. Best Party Yet. The kids are still talking about all the fun and prizes they received. We only hope next year goes as good.

I am saddened too. Saddened that there are so many people who refuse to see the big picture. I will not blame God. I am a Christian and believe he will prevail. But once again I say to those of you who refuse to see. We know there is a drought. But, you do not sell what water there is left when there is a drought.

Cheers to Ryan Webb at a local restaurant. What a pleasant, polite, & mannerly young man. He was very attentive to our group of Red Hat Ladies on Tuesday night who kept him very busy as we each pay with separate checks and had many requests for him to fill. I bet his parents are very proud of him!

Why was the Artificial Turf at the high school not placed on the bond so that the voters could have a say? The school board is putting turf ahead of teachers. Now, they want to rush a bond vote on enlarging the high school. Who can we trust.

Here we go again. The school wants to enlarge the high school again and create plush offices for administrators. Take a note from the last bond election and don’t try to recycle this same tired plan. The voters do not want yet another add-on at the HS and Mr. Superintendent your office is nice enough as it is.

I keep hearing that BRA needs to stop selling and releasing water; does than include Granbury, Johnson and Somervell Counties and the Nuclear Power Plant? I suppose we can start digging water wells and turn out the lights! Only in Granbury!

OK…start with an affordable plan, add more items, then tell the Council that it is going to cost $3.4 M. No feasibility study to see if it will work in today’s economy. Then discuss having someone investigate historical grants after demolition has begun. Finally set a price of $50,000 to have the stage named after them. Makes sense to me.

CHEERS to all the members of First Baptist Church Granbury who rallied together and gave a 100% vote for our next pastor. The future is exciting.

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