Sound Off, July 31

July 31, 2013

Oh Dear! Now some of you want to elect your own Brazos River board members. Do you suppose the potential candidates will measure to the “quality” and “substance” of those we now have as Commissioners and Councilmen? Lord help us!

CHEERS to the woman who bought our sandwich. We were having a rough day and your generosity ended it perfectly. God Bless You.

Cheers to Granbury Chamber of Commerce – For a small town you guys rock!

Green River Ordinance concert on the square Sat July 27 was great!

To all those that think waterfront property owners are just whining. What if you spent a lot of money & time choosing your perfect home and then someone came along, tore up your backyard and you just had to live with it? Or what if they tore up your street & your driveway and left your car stranded in your garage so you couldn’t use it for years?

Great idea! Yes, BRA needs bring the lake level up a few feet for at least a day or two to allow people to get their boats, watercraft, etc out. It’s being held hostage! Maintenance needs to be done and things need to be sold or stored since this is evidently the new norm.

Drivers of habit – have you noticed the speed limit on 377 past Hwy 4 has raised to 75 mph?

State law requires all drivers to turn on their headlight 30 minutes B4 sunset and use them until 30 minutes after sunrise. On overcast, foggy and rainy days your headlights make you more visible to other drivers and will help prevent accidents. Best advice of all – just turn them on as soon as you turn on the car for safety reasons!

Back in the other droughts before we had a board for this and board for that whose primary job was to tell us how bad a shape we were in, a 5.5 inch rain that fell from the central to upper watershed would have put two feet of water in PK and Granbury. Now we get a 5.5 inch rise in water level and a dooms day prediction for 2060.

Missing a part of Hood County…

Sunlight beamed across the yard today,

it reflected off the grass…

A windy breeze brushed across our face,

All too soon, it came to pass.

We feel you in the sunshine,

We heard you through the rooftop in the rain…

ALL the beauty that this life brings will FOREVER whisper…..


Jeers to the idiot who drove a van and didn’t stop or even attempt to slow down at the 4 way stop on Davis. As a result you sideswiped a truck. The 4 way stop on Davis needs a traffic light. I have seen a lot of accidents due to people not stopping or being impatient. I have almost been hit a couple of times due to a people not stopping.

I agree with the writer who stated that people must stop breeding so that fewer animals will be euthanized.

JEERS! Hood County Deputies do not make enough income to be short manned and in the line of fire that they face everyday!

Thanks to the whoever watered my dog in front of Home Depot. She pants like crazy summer and winter.

Not to pick on any one person but I have to agree that handicap parking is severely abused in Granbury. If you can walk unaided, and you know who you are, then shame on you. Also, shame on doctors that give permits out to these people. No accountability and not very professional. Stubbed toe is not a handicap.

Another reason it will be hard to fill the lake is all the tanks, ponds and small lakes that have been built on private property. They must fill and overflow before the water reaches the Brazos river. And people are building new dams every day. Instead of a 3 inch rain helping the lake it will take a 5 in.

Cheers and more cheers to the Highway Patrolman who ticketed numerous speeders on Davis Road on the 24th. Rarely does anyone drive the 30 mph speed limit. Keep up the good work!

Thank you Mary Vinson for your many beautiful photos over the years – thanks for your hard work.

Jeers to the people complaining about the new loop speed limit – why don’t you slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery … and the road – isn’t that why you moved here to begin with?

Cheers to the lady that prayed with and gave a cooler full of food to the homeless man in the park after he was released from jail and had all his belongings delivered to him there, you are an angel and restored his faith in mankind, your generosity will be returned three fold!

This will be the very first year since Mambrino School opened their doors for a new school year that the smiley and friendly face of Ms Carmel will not be there in the front office to greet us. I am so very sad that she has left. We truly miss you.

Jeers, In Hood County very few people stop for stop signs and I see people running red lights every day. This is as dangerous as speeding.

To the person writing about the state killing over hanging limbs on the right of way. I agree it looks bad, but who would pay for the thousands of employees it would take to hand trim those limbs and still look bad for a while?

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