Sound Off, July 24

July 24, 2013


The weekly fishing report was relevant for all the years that Lake Granbury had water. Now it only rubs salt in our wounds since our boat has been stranded in its slip for a year. And the reports on other lakes just take the few remaining Lake Granbury fishermen to other places.

The article on Hood County Agency on Aging makes my blood boil! It is amazing to me that we can afford to send money to every foreign country in the world, afford bail outs, boondoggles, vacations, but we can’t afford to take care of our own tax payers. An embarrassing travesty!

Thank you Stonewater Church for such a moving funeral service for Kevin Howze. Although he certainly passed away much too young you have given comfort to those of us grieving.

Jeers to the person who put the dead cat on my son’s car engine.

JEERS to the person checking their cell phone at a funeral!

Cheers to the Hood County Road Operations Department and to TxDOT for their prompt response in removing a tree blocking drivers’ views of the new Loop 567 from north Stockton Bend Rd. Called in on Friday, removed on Tuesday!

I just got back from the northeast. I saw two things there that reminded me of Hood County. People littering on the side of the road and left lane riders doing 5-10 mph under the speed limit and refusing to move over.

How many animals have to be euthanized before people stop breeding? The number of litters who go through AC is unbelievable. AC can give you information on low cost and possibly free spay/neuter. Breeding will never stop, but we can get ourselves educated and slow down breeding.

Cheers. I dropped my card after getting gas at the Shell station in Acton. I want to thank the man that took it inside to the cashier. I asked if she knew his name so I could thank him, but she didn’t. So I hope you read this – Thank You very much, three cheers for your Honesty!

Jeers to the person who left a nasty note on my window in handicap spot. I DID have my handicap placard hanging from my rearview mirror. As for being a Democrat, I’m not. What does this have to do with politics? Guess you’re just an angry person. Have a nice day. I have diabetic neuropathy if it matters to you.

CHEERS to Officer Wiginton of the Granbury Police Department. You are the first person through our six-month ordeal who has shown concern, empathy, kindness and compassion. Your actions meant more than you know!

We need to do something about the severe litter problem along 144, the 144/377 bridge and the 377 highway. Our out of town, first time guests to Granbury loved its charm but commented on the litter problem. Maybe an adopt a highway program?

I am for the bond to add on to the High School yes property tax would go up a little but If they put a school in Acton we would lose teachers that move over to Acton and would have to hire more teachers It would be better to add the 2ND story building and have a more secure campus and campuses.

To who ever was in charge of approving road striping in front of Waterview Retirement Center. No left turn lane was painted for entering the community.

Cheers to everyone that is doing fundraisers for the McLean family, but why aren’t there more for the Davis family? Chad Davis is every bit of a hero and deserves this community’s support.

If the level of the lake really is the new norm, the BRA should flood the lake and allow all the boat owners the opportunity to get their boats out of their docks. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars wasting away because they cannot be used.

Jeers to the person who set the speed limit on the new section of the 567 Loop to 45 mph. I see no reason it cannot be the same speed as the rest of the loop, 55 mph. The curve can have the curve sign and speed indication of 45. But the rest of the loop should be 55 mph. This reeks of a speed trap.

JEERS! To a local waitress! Had the privilege of meeting a single mother of 2, one being Autistic and the waitress had the audacity to ask if the child was autistic. When confirmed her words “I’m so sorry” I felt a rage come over me until I heard the mother calmly say “Why” Just want her to know You are a GREAT Mother with 2 great Children.

Cheers to the Granbury police officer who stopped my 19-year-old son for unintentionally speeding on the new loop extension, where the speed limit is only 45. My son felt badly and felt even worse when he realized that he had accidentally left his wallet behind. Despite these mistakes, he said, the officer was very kind and understanding.

A million cheers to Joey Ice! Thank You so much for all the beauty you have brought to the world!

Parts of the Paluxy River are dry. Too bad the folks in Glen Rose don’t have a Paluxy River Authority to blame.

CHEERS to Lakeside Baptist and all the men and women that teach my grandkids every year at Vacation Bible School.

Cheers to the Granbury Seals coaches. They spend a lot of time making sure that our kids become better people and they have a little fun in the process.

Why is it when you are driving the speed limit and someone behind you wants to speed they act like you are in the wrong instead of them.

What is the Texas Dept. of Highways & Public Transportation thinking. They are suppose to beautify the roadways not make them look ugly by killing all the limbs on the trees along the highways.

Cheers to the young man who changed the tire on our Toyota. Chivalry and thoughtfulness are still alive.

The longest, newest, and most open part of the loop and the speed limit is only 45? Major jeers! Especially with only 2 signs on the whole thing.

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