Sound Off, July 17

July 17, 2013

The longest, newest and most open part of the loop and the speed limit is only 45? Especially with only 2 signs on the whole thing.

Thank you Hood County News for page 10B in the July 3 issue. A beautiful tribute to Sergeant Lance McLean.

Jeers to the person commenting on the him/her that put their house up for sale in Hood County. You do not know the reason for them doing so.

I love the NE Loop! Don’t care what you name it. Thanks for finishing it.

Really? Our highways are ugly enough with all the litter, so “someone” has decided to use chemical pruning. I would like to see another solution than seeing dead leaves along the highways. We, as Texans, need to take pride in our roads – not litter and kill leaves. Depressing!

Jeers to annoying loud bull frogs in my neighbors front yard water fountains, can’t sleep or watch tv without having to hear them!

Jeers to the lake owners who are too lazy to cut the vegetation in front of your docks and just spray chemicals. Bottled water just went up.

So now that there are weeds 3-4 feet tall growing where I used to have lake water, is the BRA going to buy mowers and come take care of their “land” that used to hold water? Technically it is not on our property, who is going to take the responsibility for cleaning up and maintaining what used to be part of the lake?

Thanks to the very nice couple who paid for my breakfast on June 19. It was very much appreciated.

I have family and friends buried at the Granbury Cemetery. This is sacred. Do we really need the tall tower on the property?

No one rides the trolley. Turn it into an ice cream truck or some kind of food truck.

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