Sound Off, July 10

July 10, 2013

Jeers to the people walking their 4 legged family members on hot streets in 90 degree plus temperatures.

Note to new city tourism leader: Lake Granbury is your cake and everything else is just the icing. So no cake, no party.

We really enjoyed the beautiful fireworks display on July 4th and so did the little boy sitting nearby. He yelled, “Firework people, I love you!”

In response to the soundoff about the “yards” in Knob Hill-that is ONE YARD not multiple yards. Not sure how/why the Health Department or Hood County allows that.

A cheer for the parade organizers and those who participated. There was just one thing missing, patriotic music.

Cheers to the person leaving Hood County because of the fireworks. I am sure everyone around you are glad they do not have to listen to your complaints, including law enforcement!

Shame on parents who let their children handle, carry around items and leave them somewhere else in a store. How is a child to learn to respect other people’s property if you condone this? Did your parents not teach you respect? My children were taught to stay with me and to keep their hands off merchandise.

I was surprised and disappointed at how few American Flags were displayed on Hwy 377 Bypass on July 4th. Thank you to all businesses who did fly flags and a huge hooray for Hood County – it was a great July 4 celebration.

Jeers to the parents who neglected to dress their young children for the weather at the 4th of July parade in Granbury. What ever happened to wearing a simple hat to keep the sun from burning holes in their little heads? Shame!

I was really disappointed in the 4th fireworks. They were far too low to be seen. Most were hidden by the trees.

To the person who has his/her house up for sale in Hood County. If you’re not happy here, then there are 4 highways leaving Hood County. Pick one. I think we have an excellent county to live in.

Cheers to the New loop 567 on eastside….Thank you Hood County and TxDOT, it was a life saver around the square for the 4th and makes it much quicker and safer….Got home quick after fireworks and parade…..

Jeers- To the Granbury Police Department for making us move off of the Pearl Street Bridge, yall could’ve told us a week before in the newspaper, instead we get moved in the last minute at 9:23. Now we can’t spend our fourth of July watching fireworks and celebrating the birth of America, we did it last year what’s wrong now?

Be careful on the new loop. The city and county has turned it into a speed trap.

Cheers for the Loop 567 Extension, but, JEERS to the 45 MPH speed limit. By the way, the speed limit signs are only at the entrance on each end of the extension.

Cheers to Sharon. She has gone above and beyond to help me and my daughter get the medications we need, making phone calls and letting me know the details. She has made a very stressful situation much more pleasant!

I would like to send out a thank you to all of the law enforcement agencies that attended the funeral of Sergeant McLean and showing their support for our fallen hero. And to the Ellis & Johnson county officers for coming in and answering calls for our officers so they could have time to mourn their fallen brother. I am so proud of our officers.

The county needs to name the new loop after Deputy Lance McLean.

Great big thanks to Christi Sanders who fought tooth and nail to get active shooter scenario for City employees! No telling what might have happened if we wouldn’t have known what to do! Her foresight probably saved lives, and working with the Granbury PD, we received excellent training!

Loop 567…has anyone considered the name “Horseshoe?” Can’t wait to use the entire loop around the slow speeds in town. A nickname might be beneficial to business owners and tourists. And it sounds very Texan!

Cheers to All the law enforcement officers that put their lives on the line for us every day. What is the cost of their lives when they step up to protect us? Let’s hope their value will be recognized when budgets are being reviewed.

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