Sound Off, Jan. 9

January 9, 2013

Jeers to the couple who denied old firewood to someone with 3 small children who were cold on Saturday, Dec. 29. The man said the people could have the firewood if it was for their own personal use, but the wife said it wasn’t her problem the children were cold. The family had run out of propane over the weekend.

Cheers to a lady at a super market. She was there when I needed help. Be careful how we treat folks … it may be an Angel Unaware. I know God sent her.

The light needs to be fixed at the convention center. It cycles every 20 secs if there’s a car or not.

Jeers to the totally obnoxious immature drunk man sitting next to me at the bar who completely ruined my dinner because I wouldn’t grant his request to move down and literally sit on the corner so he and his drunk friends could take chairs from tables and SQUEEZE themselves in, BTW … there are a certain number of chairs at the bar for a reason!

Jeers to the person who stole my Sunday paper with double coupons from my driveway. Why not just steal the products you plan to purchase with those coupons? There is no difference, you know? A thief is a thief. And all for a $3 paper? Pathetic. Hope your kids didn’t witness this. If you’re reading this now, you probably stole this paper, too.

Jeers to the inequities of reasoning. In 2011 in excess of 36,000 people died in auto accidents, yet not one person says we need automobile control. No we don’t, but we want to have gun control. Guns kill people but cars don’t. Interesting! No matter how a person dies or is killed it is a sad thing. Why control some things and not others?

Cheers to the store manager who recently drove 15 miles to deliver something left out of my bag – and this was after he got off work. Thank you!

You must NOT have a child in the Granbury ISD. I am one of those “Drama Queen” moms that allowed my child to stay home. Who are you to criticize? School is a place where kids should feel safe, not terrified that they are going to die because of some crazed maniac! When your child is crying and scared, let’s see what decision you make. Rumor or not!

Just received our bill from the Brazos River Authority for our DOCK and water pump and am TOTALLY frustrated at their AUDACITY to bill for FULL payment when we can’t even USE THEM! Should at LEAST be prorated for months when there is NO WATER! Wake Up Granbury! This is NOT just a drought we are dealing with!

Hewlett Park is beautiful and has great playground equipment. However, during the summer months, our hot Texas sun makes the equipment too hot to use. Especially the slides. Why can’t it be covered? If not by the city, by some service organization or church?

Cheers to Lake Granbury Medical Center and their beautiful blue lights on their trees. We think you should leave them up all year long!!

Great job naming Magon Rutledge Person of the Year! Let’s hope there’s more brave young people out there willing to stand up for others.

Tonight we drove through Granbury the first time after it was totally dark. The city employees have done an absolutely awesome job decorating the city. Trees, waterways, Christmas trees, and lots of other beautiful decorations as well as some fun things like the train, etc. Cheers, cheers!

Jeers for Granbury not designating an area close to Town Square where an indoor/outdoor flea market could be held every weekend. What a money maker this could be! Vendors would rent tables to showcase their wares. Refreshment vendors could also pay a nominal fee to sell their stuff.

Jeers to the owner/care giver of 2-3 brown dogs and 1 white dog that are always running loose and chasing my cats on my property so they can steal their food. Where are their owners? I have seen these dogs running from deCordova down the middle of Davis Road and sitting in the middle of Sundown. I am tired of chasing them off of my property.

Cheers to Hood County Road Operations for replacing our stolen street sign less than 24 hours after it was reported stolen. Santa was able to find the house!

It is beyond unbelievable that the burn ban was lifted. I’m sure the firefighters of Hood County were as thrilled to hear this as the ranchers of the area. If one firework with “fin or stick” from the developments hits any of the pastures that are tinderbox dry, it’s all over.

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