Sound Off, Jan. 8

January 8, 2014

Canyon Creek: We have a new and improved gate hooray!

BRA just sent me my annual bill for water usage from Lake Granbury. The area behind my house is totally dry and has been for over a year. There is no water for me to extend my intake line into.

Thank you to those who have dedicated their time and careers to protecting our children in Hood County. Our DA deserves a huge THANK YOU.

Progressive State award goes to Colorado! Texas needs to get with the program and decriminalize small amounts of marijuana under possession and free up some jail space for the real dirtbags.

Cheers to the “Left lane for passing only” signs on 377.

Jeers to GISD for having one, sometimes two, drug dogs at events. This is more than you see at the airport. The only deterrent here is to our reputation for good schools and good kids. I’m sure our guest school parents would appreciate using the bathroom without a dog nose in the stall.

Kudos to the Hood County News for the expanded coverage of students scholastic endeavors – the pages are a delight to read even for those of us who don’t know any of the kids.

Jeers to those who shot the extremely loud fireworks so close to houses. Our dog ran away from home for the first time ever due to the power of these fireworks. A neighbor about a mile away called us after reading her name on a tag on her collar. Has the time come to consider ending sales of these fireworks?

I thought that parking in a yellow was against the law. But around the square and in front of the City offices it appears to be legal. Making it very hard to get around the square. Maybe I should go back to driving school?

As 2013 comes to an end I would like to reflect on living in Granbury. I see a lot of jeers about this city, however when compared to many of the cities in this area I feel blessed to live, work and shop here. All cities have problems, but by far Granbury has some of the best people around. So I say CHEERS TO GRANBURY and have a blessed 2014!

JEERS for lowering the minimum weight on the pigs! I’m sorry GISD’s Ag Barn water froze, but so did mine! The only difference, is that I paid attention and carried water to my pigs. If one of my pigs have died, would they let me substitute one? I think not!

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