Sound Off, Jan. 30

January 30, 2013

When I pay a 36% income tax rate while most of America pays NO income tax…& Obama is constantly saying I “am not paying my fair share”…I am entitled to my mean rhetoric. When my dad fought in 3 wars so his kids & grandkids did not have to live in a socialist country…then I can hate a president who is determined to drag our country there.

Where is the research that proves that armed guards/teachers prevent attacks on schools? Seems to me people have been watching too many movies where the good guys always win.

Carol Cook thank you for your great guest column about naps – loved it zzzzzzzz.

God bless State Senator Brian Birdwell, he is actually doing something that will make my children safer unlike the morons in Washington DC who want to make us all sitting ducks.

Looks like some California school districts are getting better assault rifles than our fire marshals have. Question is: why do either one of them need such weapons?

To all the runners on Hwy. 51 North. It is virtually impossible for drivers to see you in the early morning hours. It is especially difficult during the winter months, so please make sure you are wearing reflective clothing. You are not only jeopardizing your own safety, but you are also putting the drivers and their passengers at risk as well.

Cheers to Brawner teachers and PTO for volunteering their time on Friday afternoons to provide TGIF parties for the grade levels after school hours. The children love spending free time with their friends and teachers. Thanks for going above and beyond!

We need a socially just world where unearned privilege does not exist. Being different or having a different perspective can enrich society. Differences among people should not be feared or oppressed but celebrated.

Jeers to my neighbors for allowing a bull frog infestation to exist in their front yard because of their ponds…listening to them chirp all day and night makes me feel like I live in a swamp land…living between that and the barking dog next door makes me wish I knew what peace and quiet was again.

If you don’t know anything about guns then stay out of the conversation because you just sound dumb, no magazine limit is going to do any good and any rifle round as well as most handgun rounds will penetrate Kevlar.

Texas has a “rainy day fund” because we are doing things right unlike those liberal cesspools like New York or California.

The reason for all the people disliking Obama that you are calling hatred is simple, it is because of the things he has accomplished his dangerous big government policies are dragging our country down faster than anyone could have predicted. We heard a lot worse rhetoric when Bush was in office, Obama has earned the criticism and deserves it all.

Congratulations to seniors Phoebe, Peyton, Zach, and other members Chandler, Drew, Regan, Trevor, Josh, Alissa, Justin, Cameron, and Aaron all members of the GHS All-Region Band. You have proved that hard work and dedication pays off. The concert was a show of superb excellence.

Quadruple jeers to all who approved the installation of the crossing gates at Cresson. Anyone who travels 377 daily and has any sense knows that the signals stick three or four times a week which makes the traffic intersection signals flash red. But at least you could move on after stopping. Now you’re just stuck until someone comes out to fix it.

We need to pray for our Brazos River and Lake Granbury to be full. Please Lord help the BRA to open the Morris Shepherd Hydro Plant at Possum Kingdom once again so we could enjoy cool, uninterrupted flow of water for our environment and Hood County’s most precious resource called Lake Granbury.

Cheers to Andrea Gouldy, she has such a wonderful personality. She has a tough job making sure the Lady Pirate soccer team is ready to roll at game time. She is a joy to work with, no matter the number changes we just laugh our way past the confusion and she gets it all sorted out. Thank you for making my job easier and a whole lot more fun.

Jeers to the HCN for not reporting all news from the whole community. You only report what you feel is important. Report all the news, even in Tolar.

CHEERS to Marshall Cochrum for the great work he does with special need clients!

What a blessing Tolar has in the THS principal, Bucky Wood. We are a retired couple and had a flat tire in Tolar. After working unsuccessfully to release the spare one Saturday afternoon, Mr. Wood approached us in the High School parking lot and offered his much needed help. What an example this man is! We have nothing but appreciation for him!

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