Sound Off, Jan. 23

January 23, 2013

Texans need not to worry about Obama getting the “Rainy Day Fund” and giving it to more needy states. Rick Perry and David Dewhurst have already taken care of that for their “pet projects.” Why does Texas have a “Rainy Day Fun” in the first place?

Complaining about the lake level should be replaced with prayer. The prayers of a righteous man availeth much. Whiney complaints about lakes in a semi-arid, over-populated part of Texas is unbecoming and makes you look foolish.

How about a permanent place close to Town Square for a weekend flea market? The Reunion Grounds would be a perfect location. All you need are bathrooms and some small buildings for organization of the vendors. Simply advertise for weekly vendors to rent tables for displaying their wares. Food vendors would also be welcome.

What’s with all the tacky signs around town advertising local businesses? Most of the people that live in our area know where these businesses are located. And many people even have GPS to locate a business. Don’t we have enough signage already littering our city?

Where does the 2nd amendment right to bear arms start and stop? I really don’t understand. I can’t imagine students “packing” on college campuses to classes every day. I think the silly season on the right to bear arms has arrived. I don’t understand the need for 30 round or Kevlar piercing ammo.

For those commenting on stopping for the red light at the Hilton in the middle of the night, just wait a few months and you will have the opportunity to stop again in 4/10 of a mile for the new loop 567.

I am always wondering, why nobody carpools in Granbury.

JEERS to the teacher who humiliated an honor roll student in front of the class, then continued the embarrassment in the hallway with two other staff members. Unacceptable – The school district has adopted the Rachel’s Challenge bullying program – this isn’t just for student to student, it’s for teachers to students also!

Jeers to Hood County for letting the drug dealers keep on dealing! Don’t mind that there is a Boys and Girls Club in this subdivision! There are lots of loose dogs roaming the streets and peoples homes! Not to mention people burning on the ground! Some homes with trash littered and piled everywhere! People shooting guns!

Can we ban Lance Armstrong from Texas and TV?

You need to stay home from work if you think you have the flu and stay out of the movie theater! A lady with a bad flu like cough had the gall to even sit on the back row and cough down on everyone!

I have lived on Hwy 51\Reed Rd since 1998, I have seen NUMEROUS accidents some fender benders several fatal. The CURVE is DANGEROUS. White reflectors were damaged in Nov. by an accident, tonight I witnessed another accident. Please replace the reflectors, consider signs to warn drivers about curve, consider a caution blinking light at Reed Rd.

I cannot believe the level of hatred out there for President Obama. He’s not going to take Texas’ Rainy Day funds. Our Texas legislators are more likely to do that. He is not deserving of the mean rhetoric we read and hear about him. Just research what he HAS accomplished and question your resources. What is their agenda?

If you just got passed by someone on your right side you are in the wrong lane.

The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting; it is about defending liberty from tyranny.

Jeers to Brazos River Authority charging our boat dock and our fishing dock on Long Creek with a dry creek bed. Next I guess you will charge us for mowing the creek bed.

Thanks to the Hood County News for including the most outrageous reports of personal physical attacks that I’ve ever read! “Man hits wife in the head with the tv control.” “Woman beaten with golf club.” “Man hit by stepson with a chair.” Some of these incidents are so outrageous there hardly believable.

We need a socially just world where unearned privilege does not exist. Being different or having a different perspective can enrich society. Differences among people should not be feared or oppressed but celebrated.

Jeers to whoever put hundreds of old magazines on the exchange table at the Hood County Library. Please try to bring a few every few weeks and bring only real magazines, not paper newsletters or bulletins. Your fellow library patrons would appreciate not having to dig for the good ones. Cheers to the person who donated the beautiful 2013 calendars.

When are Rick Perry and the Republicans going to apply conservative principles to returning dedicated monies back to the accounts where they belong? They don’t appear very principled to me.

Cheers to Sheriff Deeds, the hard workers of Hood County Animal Control, and the volunteers who have assisted them. We have adopted 4 pets from them from various off-site adoptions and the staff are always courteous and professional.

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