Sound Off, Jan. 2

January 2, 2013

Just once, I’d like to get thru the light at DeCordova and 167 without having stop for the Kings and Queens procession. Why can’t the light finish its cycle before changing to let traffic out of DeCordova? I’ve seen cars backed up both ways because of this. What makes them so special that they only have to wait 10 sec?

Cheers to the two officers that helped my family during the holidays on 2 separate occasions. Thanks to these wonderful police officers, a family’s electric stayed on and a little boy got a bicycle for Christmas!

I would like to send a very heart filled cheers to Deputy Fries of the Hood County Sheriff’s Office. The other day he bought someone lunch just as a “random act of kindness.”

Did the City of Granbury know before Christmas that trash pickup would be delayed until Thursday after the holiday? If so, residents should have been notified.

Your website is pathetic. The top story today is that North Dakota is the fastest growing state. That has a lot to do with Granbury/Hood County!

A thank you to Mother Nature for the much needed gift of two and a quarter inches of rain on Christmas morning. Another thank you that it wasn’t an equivalent snow fall of 8 to 10 inches.

Thanks to our HCNbreaking news and our sheriff. I. Did not worry about getting out on the road to go to work.

CHEERS! To the young lady at a supermarket, I wish I knew her name but she hurried off. I was at the checkout counting my money I had been stretching, then I heard “Merry Christmas”! This young lady paid for my items I was purchasing! The cashier and I were both in tears, glad there are still some left out there…GOD BLESS YOU!

Cheers to 5 year old Presley Thomas who made a donation box for Friends For Animals as her Christmas Project, and the people who donated, it was overflowing with donations!

Thank you to the lady in a drive through who bought my drink on Christmas Eve! It’s kind people like you who make a difference in this world! You made my day!

Jerry Tidwell, do you honestly believe that a comment in the school lunch line about the end of the world coming is what set off this community? Or has the police department & school board just convinced you to try to force feed us this info to cover up what really happened?

Way to go Mark Wilson. You are absolutely right, clicking your heels together won’t fix this. Great article!

Anyone saying we should waste our tax dollars on armed guards in schools certainly didn’t bother to do any research. Columbine HS had an armed guard on duty on campus when 12 students were murdered. At Virginia Tech there were 34 highly trained and armed police officers on campus when the shooters murdered 32 people. Can you say gun control?

Thank you, again, to the kind lady at the driver’s license office who helped my daughter pay for her DL renewal, and to the kind young man behind the counter who helped, also. Your assistance was very much appreciated and we thank you!

If you want to know how busy the Hood County deputies are just purchase a scanner. I don’t know how much they are paid but I feel sure it is not enough.

THANK YOU to whoever turned in my car keys on 12/21! May God Bless you for your honesty and integrity!

As a newer Granburite, I am so impressed with the kindnesses shown by so many to help others. The numerous church groups, and nonprofit organizations are plentiful and caring. God bless all of the warm people of Hood County.

KUDOS to all the marvelous Christmas For Children volunteers who donated hundreds of selfless hours to provide lovely bags of gifts for Hood County kids. Besides toys, many received bicycles, and beds. Many wonderful groups of caring residents, including Stonewater Church, assembled bikes and handed out food and drinks while folks waited in.

Cheers to the Acton Postal workers who received my daughter’s letter to Santa Claus, and ensured she received a letter back from him. To see my 5 year old daughter’s eyes light up when she realized Santa got her letter and took the time to write her back, was priceless.

Major kudos to all the marvelous volunteers who made Christmas For Children a huge success again this year. I admire those who worked tirelessly for over 2 months 12 to 18 hours each day.

Cheers to the Granbury Masonic Lodge for providing toys to needy children.

Cheers to the students and faculty at AMS! Because of your efforts, 56 children enjoyed a Christmas they will not soon forget. A huge thank you to Mr. Dawson, Mrs. Berryman, and Mr. Carpenter for thinking of Kids Armor of Hope and the children we serve.

For those parents that kept their children out of school on Monday, Dec, 17th, you let rumor and speculation drive your fear instead of hard facts and evidence. If we all lived like that, we would never leave our homes.

A special thank you to Mary and Janny at the Hood County Library. These two women are gems !

Jeers to the parents who lowered ALL our property values by going nuts and calling all the news outlets. The black eye you gave Granbury was unnecessary, as the situation was being handled by those who are QUALIFIED to do so. Drama King/Queen parents setting an example for your kids to be hysterical and rant when faced with fear!

What a travesty! The beautiful old home of Mary Lou Watkins has been turned into a cheesy “museum.” The items located in that lovely and historic place are not interesting in such a small context. Much more interesting would be seeing how people lived when the house was built.

Our office just wanted to say “Cheers” and “Thank you” to the employees of DCP Midstream in Tolar. This is the second year in a row that they have provided Christmas for over 50 children from our office.

Cheers to Mambrino Elementary staff for greeting parents and students Monday morning out in front of the school.

Thank you to the Hood County YMCA members who have supported one of our instructors during her illness.

TxDOT funds should be used for roads, not museums, planting the mediums, or hike & bike trails. If this hike & bike is a public-private project, then leave the TxDOT money alone.

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