Sound Off, Feb. 6

February 6, 2013

Jeers to the low water at Lake Granbury. Double jeers to whom ever allow the developers to build canals. Who is responsible for those homeowners rights? Politicians, County or State? Someone step up.

To the person asking for research, it IS a proven fact that a person with evil on the mind, will look for the easiest way to hurt someone…Mass shootings DON’T happen at gun shows, shooting ranges, nor do they happen at Police Depts. To my knowledge, all have taken place in “Gun Free” Zones.

Let’s see-the stock market is higher than it has been in years, the housing market is recovering and unemployment is slowly improving-yep, Obama must be ruining the country!”

CHEERS to Brawner Principal Stacie Brown! Thanks for taking the time to get to know your students. Also, you still remember them years later. You capture kids hearts and then live in them forever!

Well we can tell that President Obummer is entrenched in the Whitehouse for another 4 years. Gas prices rose $0.10 last week and $0.15 cents per gallon this week. The election is over, taxes for 77% of U.S. citizens have increase, and now gas is heading back to $4.00/gallon. Now we all get what you voted for!

JEERS! To the girl at a restaurant. I have been in there quite a few times, and as always, this gal is running her mouth about one of the customers in FRONT of customers! Honey, show some CLASS! You should be EMBARRASSED!

Cheers to Sheriff and deputies who treat suspects respectfully. A lady deputy took photos of a friend’s dog to give him in jail. How kind is that?

Jeers to the otherwise nice family in Abe’s Landing that is upsetting the neighborhood with their barking dogs, and double jeers to the proper authorities for not doing anything to correct the problem.

Cheers to the person reminding people to stay home from work or movie theaters because of the flu. However, as to the lady with the “bad flu-like cough,” you were mistaken. I had an obstruction in my larynx that caused the cough. Surgery has now corrected the situation. I just wanted to get out and take my mind off the upcoming surgery.

Thank you for the big flood lights shining on the flag at Holly Hills Cemetery. It’s beautiful at night passing by.

Thanks to the person who paid for my breakfast early December.

Cheers to the person who paid to have our truck fixed. You really are an angel!

Cheers to Elizabeth T, the 87-year-old who loves to make banana bread and share it. She visited the post office just before Christmas dropping off her culinary delights to the workers there. She’s dropped other breads at doctor’s offices and clinics around town. Way to go, lady!

Much of the increase has come from mandatory spending, including Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Those programs have expanded mostly because of the recession, which has prompted more people to apply for Medicaid and Social Security, as well as the growth in people hitting retirement age. The aging of the population can’t be blamed on the president.

To the person who claims to be paying 36% in federal income taxes, and blames Obama for it. First of all, there is no 36% federal tax rate. There is a 35% tax rate and a 39.6% tax rate, AFTER DEDUCTIONS! You have to make at least $398,350 to hit the 35% tax rate. Secondly, it’s a “marginal” tax rate, you don’t pay 35% on the entire amount! Duh!

Here’s an idea: Instead of spreading HATE toward our president, gun control, entitlement, etc. How about clear your heart of the hate, and pray for peace.

The 2nd amendment does not come without restrictions, which should include a comprehensive a background check for all gun purchases and a limit to magazine size of 10 rounds. If a felon attempts to purchase a handgun they should be charged with a felony. We must do something too curb the violence. A Viet Nam Combat Marine

Jeers to the City of Granbury for lowering the speed limit on Water’s Edge drive from 40 to 30 MPH. No reason for that speed limit to be lowered, nice wide road with nothing along there, or are they just creating a speed trap?

Jeers to the immature and petty people that have nothing better to do than threaten families with CPS. There is NO excusable reason to EVER call Child Protective Services for anything other than child abuse. Using them for stupid reasons puts children in real danger on a longer wait to be rescued. You should be ashamed and heavily fined for lying.

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