Sound Off, Feb. 20

February 20, 2013

If you want gun control so bad why don’t you just move to Chicago, Washington DC, or New York? Gun control does nothing but create crime and if you don’t believe me look at the FBI statistics.

So someone thinks that since we will soon be allowed to legally carry on college campuses all the sudden frat parties are gonna become shooting galleries! It is already illegal to carry your gun if you’re drinking, every time concealed carry comes up the left screams that it will bring back the Wild West but all that happens is a reduction in crime.

Jeers to the authority who chose not to let my child’s school go to the amazing production of Beauty and the Beast! What a great opportunity was missed.

To everyone who is having to re-apply for the homestead exemption, be sure to notice that there is a Page 3 on the back of Page 2.

Double Jeers to TXDOT. The safety arms in Cresson were malfunctioning again this morning. Malfunctioning aside, this is not a typical railroad crossing it is a rail yard with a major highway in the middle of it. So when the train stops 10 ft. from the road because it is downloading cars the arms impede traffic for no reason. Does TXDOT not realize?

Congrats to Cornerstone Crusader Basketball! Great year!!

Jeers! Everytime the highway department fixes Highway 51 north of the square someone will dig it back up.

Excuse me! How can America have economic recovery with the price of gasoline and diesel jumping .25 or more each week. The big gas companies make zillions more in profits, and the majority of American families struggle more and more each month to stretch their paychecks.

Officials going to Austin to talk BRA with TCEQ?…They might be better served if they go to the nearest church and pray for rain! One of the many things they don’t make in Austin is water!

Bravo, Brian Birdwell, for writing the legislation to attempt to make it legal for CHL holding college students to carry on campus. Remember Virginia Tech? I’ve read the weak arguments, but any kids who will take a weapon to a keg party will do it regardless. Let the few who want to (and can qualify) protect themselves!

Someone complained about the basketball photo on the front page of the paper, citing that the fine arts was ignored. Really? What makes one more worthy than another? The Lady Pirates work very hard, as well. Let’s share the spotlight!

Cheers to the VFW and American Legion for all the wonderful things they do in Hood Co. These are wonderful people who care about our community and this country. Take a moment to thank a Vet, today.

Have you seen the statement the crosses at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, represent? Drive by and view this site.

WOW! If you missed Beauty and the Beast, you missed a first class production. Why drive to Ft. Worth and pay $50+ when you could have paid $10 and supported GHS students. A+ to the whole cast!

Cheers to Rodney Brewer for once again hosting the Santa Fe District Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and also to Chris Cox for putting on the Pinewood Derby workshop.

Jeers to the GISD board and superintendent for going forward on artificial turf for the football field. We can spend $900,000 for artificial grass but we don’t have enough money for books or desks in the classrooms-once again education is secondary in this community. Too bad the teachers don’t have the influence the football coach does.

You do not have to listen to barking dogs. It is NOW against the law for a dog to bark more than 10 minutes. Call Animal Control or go to their office and file a written complaint. Animal Control will handle it from there.

Can the County or someone do something to fix Pin Oak and Birch Streets in Oak Trail Shores?

Cheers to Miss Kim and the others who are making the children’s ministry at Acton UMC such a success.

Jeers to the person who wrote the last sound-off about releasing water from PK. PK is over twice the size of Lake Granbury. The population of Hood County and Granbury is 4 times larger than those around PK. We have 3100 residential docks and 21 commercial docks on Lake Granbury. We must have fixed docks and PK can have floating; Get real.

Jeers to restaurant patrons that tip 10% or less. FYI, servers are taxed as if they were tipped 18%. Yes, it is 18% not 15% anymore. Servers must tip out bartenders, bussers, hostesses, etc…on 18%. So, anything less than that, the server is paying for part of your meal! Your server ends up paying to wait on you! And they make $2.13 hr.

I get a glimpse of the town I grew up in when a funeral procession passes by and almost every vehicle pulls over and stops out of respect. This is appreciated by the families and I hope this tradition is passed on to others.

OK – new synthetic turf at Pirate Stadium? C’mon…put the money into teaching our kids how to learn.

Cheers to the gentlemen who paid for my daughter and my groceries on Feb. 11 and then left us their change.

Glad to see Hood County Animal Central staying open late. It will make it easier for people to adopt. Will be glad when the new Animal Center is built.

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