Sound Off, Feb. 13

February 13, 2013

HCNews once again missed the boat to showcase the tremendous Fine Arts program at Granbury High School. Huge front page pictures of a basketball play. Really? The production of Beauty and the Beast this weekend was tremendous, but only “rated” a small picture and note at the back of the publication.

Gotta say your paper finally gave me a smile. Your guest columnist wrote “I read the comics, the horoscope section, the weather, and the woes of others in the Dear “help me out” advice column” None of these are in the HCNews so I guess she reads another paper. Gotta laugh!

Jeers to a coach of a kids basketball team yelling at the refs and the coach of the other team. You should be ashamed of yourself!

My family from Louisiana use to love to come and shop on the square. Now there are so many offices and vacant buildings no one wants to go to the square. Closed boat ramps. We have nothing to offer out of town visitors.

State Senator Birdwell would legalize CHL for students on college campus. Am I the only one that is uneasy with that? I can’t imagine a frat party with 21 year old students carrying a concealed handgun. Seems to be a tragedy waiting to happen.

SURPRISE!! The 1.2 M Opera House is now 3 M. Spending money on the Opera House is like buying oats for a dead horse.

We may not have wrasslin’ in Granbury but we sure have basketball! Cheers to all vocal fans, girls and boys varsity, who go to every game. We always put more people in the seats than ANY Ft Worth school.

Cheers to the mail lady for Panama Court. She goes above and beyond for us. Thank you.

Cheers to the truck driver who hit our mailbox but came back to fix it. Thank you.

Well done Marci Martinez at Cornerstone Christian Academy on using monies that were fund-raised to purchase digital projectors for the classrooms. Thankful for great leadership and amazing teachers at CCA!

Congratulations to Coach Graham and the Lady Pirates JV Basketball team! What a great season!

Jeers to the neighbor “friends” in Abe’s Landing for complaining like children about our dogs barking. They are our family and we won’t just get rid of them! We are doing EVERYTHING we can to reduce the noise, but you live in a neighborhood not the country-you are going to hear dogs bark!

Cheers to the school bus drivers of GISD Transportation that donated for a Special Needs child that needed a new bed. He is sleeping so much better and it was very kind of them to open their wallets for a child that some of them didn’t even know except that he had a need.

5,000 new homes on Knox Ranch. ITS TIME to widen 377 WEST. Long over due.

Cheers to Pecan Plantation and their Boot Scootin night 1/28. The Band Was Great!

Until we get several days of pounding rain, can the city power wash the beach pier? It’s covered in layers of seagull excrement and smells. It’s a great tourist attraction but no one wants that stuck on their shoes!

Cheers to the recyclers in Hood County. Cheers to HCNews for providing dumpsters.

To the ones who think opening the dam at PK will solve Lake Granburys problems. Silence your ignorance! The lake level at PK is even lower than Granbury. They do open the dam due to contracts down river, just the same as Granbury. Contrary to the self absorbed beliefs of way to many around here, Granbury TX is not the center of the universe.

Thank you to all of the officers coming and going in OTS. Great job on getting all those law breakers! Keep up the great work!!

I’m continually astounded at the number of 45-year-olds arrested in Hood County for drug use! How do you make it to that age without having grown up? Mature up already!

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