Sound Off, Dec. 5

December 5, 2012

Cheers to GMS students for projects that contribute to the community. Cheers to Principal Pat Yelverton as well. Her positive leadership and caring spirit show up in the accomplishments of the students.

Come on, Granbury! What’s with all the white Christmas lights? Boring! How about some color!

Cornerstone Christian Academy has an INCREDIBLE sports program.

Public notice. After generously donating to good causes during Christmas’ past, I have decided to no longer do so. The conclusion has been reached that I already support the needy by paying for their food, housing, medical care, diapers, cell phones, internet, cable TV, beer and cigarettes.

Kudos to Ms Nora Stewart, the homemade pecan pie you brought to Fire Sta 1 on Thanksgiving Day was enjoyed by those on duty. You stated your son is a firefighter in Florida … our prayer is that a mother in Florida was as gracious and caring as his. You represent the spirit of the season … thank you.

I voted for Obama and do not receive a penny from the government. I always pay in April. I’ve worked every day of my life since I turned 16 and had the same job 20 years. Ironically, my entire extended family receives checks from the government for a variety of reasons, and they all voted Republican. Pretty much blows your theory, huh?

I wish bands would stop practicing for UIL competition during halftime and play something people will enjoy. How about being part of the excitement of the game. Try getting fans and players fired up.

Way to go welfare lovers! You again put a man you know truly nothing about into the high office. Hope you and your children are ready to continue paying the debt he is running up. Tax the rich? Sure, go ahead, it won’t mean a hill of beans toward helping in our financial crisis.

Open note to the irresponsible owner of the choc brown pit mix running loose in Comanche Cove. I am afraid to check my mail! Please keep your dog at home.

Jeers to my electric bill going up and down every month when I have not changed a thing to make it differ! I have even had a new meter put in and it still goes up and down! Is anyone else having this problem?

Jeers; parent volunteers. You call yourself volunteers but all you do is sit and complain and watch others do all the work.

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