Sound Off, Dec. 19

December 19, 2012

If hearing the words Happy Holidays somehow lessens the Christmas spirit you hold in your heart, the problem lies within yourself. Many of us wish everyone a blessed holiday, regardless of what holiday they celebrate. It’s true that our forefathers were Christians, but the documents they signed guarantee everyone the right to choose their religion.

You can spend unlimited time and space on investigating Darlie Routier but when there is possible danger in our schools you only have a brief news release from the school. Do your real job of letting people know what is happening in Hood County.

JEERS to people who adopt dogs at the adoptions, then allow them to run in the streets and when confronted by animal control claim the dogs are not theirs. We need a ban list of people who should not be allowed to adopt, as these dogs are on my property daily and are then picked up by animal control to be adopted again or euthanized.

GHS already has metal detectors. They don’t work when kept in their boxes, in closets. Let’s use the recent events to protect our kids.

How long is the Council going to let the Mayor keep the Opera House from opening?

Largent’s negative editorial on vouchers failed to address how lack of competition in the school system has allowed educational laziness and bloated benefits. Maybe a voucher system won’t work, but the current tax to performance system isn’t working either.

Jeers to Hood County! Let’s give child molesters a slap on the wrist! Give the dopers a life sentence? Well put the child rapist back on the streets to do it over and over?

Big Cheer to the Granbury High School Choir’s Christmas concert. It was fantastic! I especially enjoy Nate Milson, what a fantastic voice!

Cheers to Mambrino School for supporting Hood County Christmas for Children. Teachers and students participated in a variety of fundraising events to support this worthy charity along with the Mambrino Student Council. A check for $1,500 was donated to Christmas for Children.

Thank you to the gentleman that paid for our breakfast; not only my table but all the patrons at a local restaurant. Your kindness and generosity will be paid forward. Merry Christmas!

JEERS to the county officials complaining about the increase in pay at the Sheriff’s Office. They work hard for not much money.

I love acts of kindness & caring, especially during the holidays. There are still good, decent people in the world. Thank you Jerry Snyder & Tommy Matthews.

Even though I am Christian, I frequently use the term Happy Holidays. I start shopping for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. It feels too early to say Merry Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. The week after Christmas is New Year’s. When I say happy holidays, it is all encompassing. It’s not a bad thing.

CHEERS! A huge thank-you to the participating galleries, merchants and artists of Granbury for creating the wonderful one-of-a-kind “Spirit of Giving” Christmas tree on the square. All donated art work was auctioned to benefit the art programs of AMS, GMS and Crossland. Your support is appreciated more than can be expressed.

A “random act of kindness” left my husband and I wondering who bought our meal on Sunday, Dec. 2. Instead of bringing us a check for our lunch, the waitress said, “Some nice, young couple took care of your check.” What a nice gesture by a perfect stranger! Thanks to whomever you are. It blessed our hearts. Have a Merry Christmas!

As a lakefront property owner for years, I suggest to those who believe that BRA or someone else should clean up their waterfront property, to check the rules: Your property extends to where the lake water begins; therefore it’s your backyard to clean up!

Oh wow made a trip over to Weatherford last night and saw some more very awesome Christmas lights.

Jeers to the Hood County News “BB gun or not, it’s called deadly conduct,” c’mon you need to publish the REAL news.

Cheers to city councilmen Allen and Hewlett for attempting to get the council to move forward with the Opera House project. Jeers to the mayor and other members for further delays in the project.

Whatever happened to the luxury yacht? I think it’s great if it happens. If they wait awhile they will be able to get under all the bridges.

What’s going on with the Hewlett Park eyesore dock poles? Thanks to someone moving the construction materials off the bike/jog path after 3 years. Just remove the poles now!

Those kids who threatened the drive through worker with a bb gun are lucky in the great state of Texas more than just police officers carry handguns. I am a CHL holder if someone points a gun at me I am not going to have time to check and see if it is real or not either.

Hc News please get the facts straight an AR-15 is not an assault rifle it is a semi automatic rifle it just looks different even the government doesn’t classify them as assault weapons that term is used by the liberal anti gun crowd to scare people into believing they are machine guns or weapons of war.

Jeers for not giving a ticket to someone who made a u-turn on Acton hiway and hit me, then left the scene. One is a ticket. The other is a felony. How can this happen?

Cheers to all the musical groups that performed during the recent Candlelight Tour of Homes weekend. They added so much pleasure to our enjoyment of this outstanding event.

Leslie Mansfield in the GISD Transportation Department is an invaluable part of the GISD. Her focus is on the kids and she goes out of her way to make sure that transportation is lined up for clubs and organizations.

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