Sound Off, Dec. 12

December 12, 2012

The photo of Mr. Grinch by Mary Vinson in the paper recently was the best I’ve ever seen. She should win an award for that one.

Cheers to the Hood County News for exposing the details on the Darlie Routier case!

Don’t give just the mayor all the credit for the free entertainment provided by the city council folks. They ALL are a part of the circus!

Cheers to Granbury’s awesome SWAT Team. Not only do they keep our neighborhoods safe but they volunteer their time to model a healthy lifestyle for our GISD students. Their willingness to spend their Friday running the Brawner Scarecrow Scamper Run-A-Thon with all our students makes them real heroes for our children to idolize.

Jeers to the BRA for sending a notice to ask to implement a reduction in water use because of the drought. Does this mean they will reduce the sale of water?

How long does the Mayor want to drag this St. Helen’s thing on?

Congratulations Brawner student body for running, in one day, 7,278 laps around your newly paved track for a record 817.5 one-day miles and earning funds that, with your community partners, can build a classroom-sized gazebo for the center of your track to provide shade on a shadeless school property. Hurray for you!

The rust metal horse lawn sculpture on the Langdon Ctr lawn along Pearl St. had been bent over at about a 45° angle at least as long as we’ve lived in Granbury. We moved here 11 years ago! Surely others besides me sees this as an unsightly entrance to our downtown area?

Jeers to a coach for abusing players. It is very disappointing that you feel the need to treat people that way.

Jeers to the voters who have no idea of what’s going on. We need to start looking at the spend thrift officials who do nothing but raise everything for the people to pay. Did we ever think about living or representing the people who elect you. There is more money being spent foolishly than in the past 25 years.

So the newly elected city councilman who incorrectly accused his opponent of causing delays in the renovation of the Opera House tried in his first official meeting to delay the project by trying to reopen the St. Helen’s issue. As your recent article pointed out, it was the mayor and not Mitch Tyra that caused the delay.

Cheers to the H-E-B employee who helped the sweet lady who was stuck in the bathroom stall.

Cheers to Pat at the Granbury Post Office. You have always helped so much in all my postal needs plus you do it in such a nice and kind way. You are appreciated

Cheers to the CareFlite man and the employee at Panda Express who helped my mom, brother and I when we had trouble with our car and we couldn’t get anybody to come help. Thanks to you two kind hearted men we made it home safe and sound that night.

Here’s an idea. If the BRA wants to keep selling the water, why don’t they start cleaning up the trash that the water had be hiding?

Jeers to all the unhappy whinny people in Hood County. Seems they forget we are blessed that we live where we have the freedom to be happy and we have so much more than other countries.

Cheers to whom ever found and turned in my red cell phone at Walmart. I can’t thank you enough!

For all the rich people who voted for OBAMA. I don’t want to hear any of you whining when your taxes shoot up! When the Democratic government helps out the so called UNLUCKY more than the right does! Seems they want the rich to get richer and the middle class and below to suffer. They will now be less dependent on everyone else’s detonations.

Cheers to people who decorate their houses, enjoyed going to Sky Harbour, the double wide on the end of Sun Ct. was awesome, those people know the meaning of Christmas. I wouldn’t mind being your neighbor, it makes me proud.

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