Sound Off, Dec. 11

December 11, 2013

A new YMCA benefitted only a small percentage of county residents. Road equipment benefits 100% of county residents. Make better use of our tax dollars.

JEERS to the City of Granbury for spending the taxpayers dollars on the Opera House! Not to mention all the dollars wasted on the fancy schmancy party thrown for all the Granbury elitists.

Cheers to the city of Granbury for keeping the restrooms near the beach and baseball fields clean and stocked with toilet paper. I go on long runs all through the town and having these bathrooms available is a necessity. Thanks so much!

85 million for GISD, a new rec center so we can have a pool for the swim team, almost 1 million for turf on the football field. The new Opera House. Much more than “a pizza a month.” Meanwhile the reason we get a lot of tourists and tax money, The Lake, is drying up. Who will pay the bill then?

I’m Sorry but jeers to gisd for not making a faster decision on rather or not to have school they announced before the roads got bad to delay school 2 hours before the fact making DISTRICT workers get out and see if the roads are safe when all they have to do is look out their front door and see the roads are bad.

Jeers to whomever stole our firewood from our front yard on Harbor Lakes Drive. Our heat is out and our fireplace is our only means of staying warm.

Boo, hiss & bah humbug to the political candidates who are putting their signs up AGAIN before Christmas. The general public doesn’t want to hear from you until after the holidays. Are you really that desperate?

I saw the salary for a new deputy at the Sheriff’s depart. I am embarrassed this county pays so little for people that risk their lives everyday to protect you and your family. The PD also doesn’t pay what their officers are worth.

Want to see where our lake water is going? Come out to Rollins Road (dam road) and watch the water be pulled out of the lake through a hose about 12” in diameter. The hose goes almost to the county line where it’s being dumped into a pond. The hose leaks and there is water running down the road.

Cheers: I am glad this county has programs and people that will help our Foster kids through with the holidays, showing them love with food, presents, and just your time. Please help out. Show them they are important. Find a collection and at least bring an unwrapped, new present for a child.

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