Sound Off, Aug. 7

August 7, 2013

What is wrong with people around here? I go to the grocery store and see horrible attitudes everywhere – nothing but complaints. I go to the library and see belligerent people speaking horribly to the librarians. I’ve come to the realization that people need to be accountable for their own life’s issues and not take it out on everyone else.

Cheers to the mowers! Looks like you mowed over bags of trash, great job! You have gone above and beyond the call of laziness. Gee Rd. now looks like a side street in Detroit. I can’t tell you how great this makes me feel while I drive this road on my way home, from a job that I work hard at.

So, as I understand it, if 85 percent of the drivers get a ticket for going 65 MPH on the new loop, then TxDOT will raise the speed limit to 65. Makes sense to me.

Jeers to the HCAD and our now proven belief that we were dealing with a stacked deck. We protest our homestead property valuations each and every year and are denied adjustment each and every year. We bring supporting documents to each hearing and the Appraisal District defers every time to “their” guy.

If you have never read “Goodbye to a River” by John Graves who just passed away in Glen Rose at the age of 92, you should. This 1960 book chronicles his canoe trip on the Brazos. His description of the Brazos River is exactly as I remember it as a child visiting our cabin on the winding Brazos River. You will be inspired to look at the natural world.

Jeers to the Frisbee Golf Park near the baseball fields. Some of my extended family came to visit recently and we decided to go visit the new Frisbee golf park across from the soccer fields. To my dismay and embarrassment, we encountered a pretty good size crowd of young men who were obviously inebriated. Please police your parks better Granbury.

Thanks to record low lake levels, Lake Granbury and the canals are now a breeding ground for mosquitoes! What is the city, county and BRA doing to protect us from West Nile Virus? We have seen NO spraying in any areas.

They just overlaid highway 51 north and today they dug a hole in the new surface. Makes no sense.

What a fun summer thanks to the Hood County Library’s summer reading programs! Our community needs to learn to appreciate what is done for our children – free, fun and educational programming for all ages.

Cheers to our Sheriffs Dept., you would think as many drug arrests as we see in the HC News, there would be no drugs in Texas left! Wonder why we haven’t slowed the drug traffic in Hood County down?

Jeers to our County Leaders, wonder if they have ever heard the phrase, “Live within your budget.” Haven’t seen too many money trees lately and feel like every taxpayer that is paying attention, can’t afford more taxes. We are already going to pay for a swimming pool that we didn’t need!

Let’s see if I understand this – The posted speed limit on the new section of the loop is 45 mph. If enough of us want to break the law and risk getting a ticket by exceeding this speed, we might succeed in getting the speed limit raised to a more realistic one?

Lady Bird Johnson would be rolling over in her grave if she could see what the highway department has done to our roadsides – trees where 1/2 has been killed. Where are the environmentalists on this?

Cheers to Kathy Cruz of HC News for the article on Jack Wilson! He is a Granbury treasure, and we could ALL learn a lot from him. HC News should start this as a weekly or monthly article about the “old-timers” of Granbury. The people that have lived here for forever, the people that shaped our town.

JEERS to our neighbor in Bentwater! You continually leave your dog outside to bark nonstop at all hours. Please be a responsible pet owner and show some courtesy.

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