Sound Off, Aug. 29

August 29, 2012

Does Scotty Pugh have any idea how many athletes would be eliminated if we only had one Middle School?

My neighbor piled huge, 30-40 bags of trash top of waterways and now when raining most of that stuff is now in my yard! And it smells like old fish.

Who can explain the still shrinking lake levels with all the great rain in the last couple of weeks?

What’s with the seven big rigs parked at the northwest corner of Old Granbury Road and Meander Road? This is now a very busy intersection and these rigs coming in and out are real safety and traffic hazards.

So the HCN would like the taxpayers to foot the bill for so called “ indigent “ defendants who, of course, are innocent of any wrong doing and are being railroaded. Most of them made decisions in their lives that led to their present circumstances, both financial and legal. The system isn’t perfect and will never be. More of my taxes won’t help.

Seriously? Why is it OK to break the law on the portion of FM 4 from Acton Triangle to 377? Drive on the right; pass on the left? Just because you are going to turn left at the 377 intersection, does not mean you have to drive in the left lane.

After reading the piece on Turnstile Justice, I was sick to my stomach; and to think my tax dollars are paying you. PLEASE get a conscience and treat these inmates right. At least give them a fighting chance by doing your job the way you promised to when you took your oath as an attorney. They are human beings who need your help.

JEERS to the apparent non academic focus of our coaching staff. One middle school campus to support high school ATHLETICS? How about structuring our schools to support ACADEMICS? No, can’t do that, this is Texas. Is it any wonder that so many countries have superior academic performance to the USA? It is time for our school system to refocus!

CHEERS and a big THANK YOU to Lake Granbury Medical Center for their support and welcome to GISD employees! We love the Pirate shirt you gave to every employee! Dixie Lee and her staff were very well organized and accommodating. Thanks for being a partner to our school system in Granbury.

Before we discuss giving the mayor and councilmen pay raises, can anyone explain why we don’t have a PAID fire department? It’s hard to believe with the size of Granbury and its surrounding areas that we are working with an all-volunteer force. These people need to be paid a living wage, just like other communities our size.

Jeers to the elected officials that think their salary is too low. Try working like the rest of the population does for a lot less than you make. Your salary is quite good for the hours you work. The JP’s have on-call and deserve more than the so called 40 hr. courthouse crew. Commissioners could donate their salary for what they do to.

Jeers to the City Council – vote on the budget and register your vote on council pay raises !

Ninety-nine percent of the people in the Peninsula welcome any medical aircraft that fly over or land to assist anyone in need.

Jeers to the City of Granbury Electric. Senior citizens are being charged extremely high bills. I live in 580 square ft. and my bill was 121.08 others in my complex are just the same. Sell the electric to some body w/cheaper rates. As a disabled senior citizen how about a break our Social Security only goes so far.

Jeers to the City Council. Real leaders would come to an agreement and find solutions. This group tables nearly every thing! Voters should remember this in November!

Jeers to the condition of the Teacher websites on the GISD website. We rush to school to see who our teacher will be and come home to pull up the website to find out about our teacher – only to find websites that are more than a year and contain typos.

Jeers to people who want to surprise a person with a puppy. This is a bad idea. Some people do not want a pet. So you then have to find a home for that puppy or it goes to animal control or a rescue.

Jeers to the one who stated that the mayor did a bad job for the two years, what you don’t see is all the good he has done, with him not running again will only put our city back to where it was before, BAD SHAPE.

CHEERS to Mickey Shearon and his message to GISD to pray for each other and for the children of GISD! God should always be put at the front of everything we do, and we should always pray for each other. Glad to see some of our leaders encouraging us to put God first!

Cheers to the people who helped us get a lost puppy home from United Cooperative Services parking lot 8/19/70 and to the responsible owner who had a tag on the dog with the vets number and the owners number! A family reunited!

Jeers to the idiot who spray painted graffiti on the side wall of the Nut Shell Eatery on the square! Hopefully it can be removed.

Elected officials wanting MORE than a raise this year? You run for office, knowing full-well what the responsibilities are…and now you think you deserve more money? How do you justify that?

The 4” of needed rain was a blessing, BUT the low lakes levels that would normally hold in the lake retention walls with hydraulic pressure were unable, in many areas, to prevent walls from collapsing due to the heavy downpour. We must fight to keep the lake water level up.

JEERS to HCN and Kathy Cruz. Your story about salaries for county officials states that Cotton Howell is the newly elected JP in Precinct 1 is FALSE. He is the nominee of the Republican Party. Nick Cangiamilla is his opponent and running as a Democrat. I realize Hood County thinks only Republicans are on the ballot, but this is not the case.

When our tax collector, county & district clerks and treasurer reach the point where they must get out of bed in the middle of the night, leave wherever they happen to be or whatever they might be doing because duty calls, then, and only then, should their salaries increase to more that the justice of the peace.

Yes, the lake is 3.4 feet low (the same as this time last year). We have had much more rain on the watershed this year than last year. That dog, “It’s the drought,” ain’t gonna hunt this time.

Jeers to all the drivers that think they can do whatever they want by running stop signs, driving down the middle of the road and forcing others into the ditches and drinking/driving and tailgating; and especially driving on the shoulder before the painted line onto Hwy 4 off 377. Laws are made for a reason.

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