Sound Off, Aug. 28

August 28, 2013

Cheers to the BRA who has saved me, at last count $2,400 this summer, that I would have spent on gas, supplies, boat dock fees and general entertainment. Also a big cheer goes to the people of Granbury that are willing to step up and pay more property taxes so that the former “lake front” owners can have reduced taxes.

Cheers to the Granbury business on 377 that state prices lower than Lake Granbury to bring attention to the low lake levels. Jeers to the Chamber of Commerce who are also on 377, where is your sign of support to Save Lake Granbury!

Isn’t the Freshman A volleyball team supposed to be better than the Freshman B team? Don’t want my daughter to lose all season. Maybe it’s time to set the politics aside and select the right teams.

Cheers to those working so hard to Save Lake Granbury! The three teams: the LGWOA, the City Council, and the Hood County Commissioners- WELL DONE!

Jeers to those who are whining that it’s a drought. Wake up! See the big picture.

Where is the Granbury Chamber of Commerce in the fight over low lake levels? My thoughts are that the Chamber, which I perceive to be the supporter of business in a community, would be “supportive” of businesses in this fight for higher lake levels returning.

Thank you to the nice Seagoville fireman (who is also a volunteer fireman) who tried to help me when my truck wouldn’t start at Home Depot Saturday morning. Turns out it was the battery, it was just too dead to jump start. Thank you for trying, though, I really appreciated it!

I sure hope that BRA Board Member and Hood County resident, Chris Adams, reads the Aug. 24 HCN front page article, “Sinking Ships.” Sure makes his guest column in the March 16, 2013 issue claiming that low lake levels have not affected tourism, the local economy or property values look silly! Granbury needs a new representative on the BRA!

Jeers! This just in…“It takes two to four million gallons of water per well to frack, and this is causing droughts in the United States”…still think our lake is low because of a natural environmental drought?

I live on a dry creek in deCordova, but I use the lake almost every weekend. We still have 2 boat ramps open, and of course I would prefer to use my lift, I don’t mind going to the ramp. The BRA has marked the hazards and channel, and the fishing has improved too. Lake Granbury is still a great lake, it just takes a little effort to enjoy it.

Three months after the Rancho Brazos Tornado, there are STILL people going out of their way to help out families who were affected. I would like to Thank EVERYONE who has helped and prayed for our families! Special thanks to Angela, Andrea, Carol x2, Regina, Katy, Tracy and EVERYBODY at Stonewater and ALL the Habitat for Humanity VOLUNTEERS!

Cheers to the lone lady repainting the footsteps leading to the high school. Jeers to those of us who haven’t volunteered to help her. We used to have legions of volunteers for this school spirit project. Please help her.

Jeers to the school bond, too much pork disguised as security for our children. Come on GISD take care of our children and leave the wasteful spending out of it.

I’m sick of this rudeness toward the handicapped using handicapped parking! Some people can walk short distances and be ok. Long distances are impossible. Wake up people! Until you’ve walked in their shoes, you have no idea.

Why is the new loop called a speed trap? If you’re NOT SPEEDING you won’t get a ticket. And that is true on any road. Drive safer, drive the limit even if you don’t like it. I’ve gotten tickets and I deserved them. Taught me a lesson.

The texting while driving in this town is ridiculous. What’s it going to take another death or two to get it through your heads.

Big cheers to the Christian Service Center for providing hot dogs, chips and desserts as well as backpacks for our students. Thank you so much! GMS

I am a new resident of Granbury. Many citizens are concerned about declining property values due to the loss of lake water. Many of you may not be aware that a failed school bond will also affect property values in a NEGATIVE way as well. I experienced it first hand in the TX community we moved here from. Senior citizens will have NO tax increase!

Jeer to the Texaco convenient store at 377 and S. Morgan. If you’re closed, block off your entrances so people would know. I see people pull in there all the time not knowing that you are closed.

The economic study finds that 7 percent of Hood County properties are lake-related and they represent 36 percent of the Hood County tax base. Without these 7 percent, the rest of us would have to pay 50 percent more in taxes to just keep what services we already enjoy. For the County’s sake, I hope that the lake levels will be restored and these properties regain their value.

Cheers to the new smooth pavement! Less road noise, fewer dings on your paint, and bicyclists can ride on shoulders without tearing up their bikes! Certainly worth any extra cost. You know I had the same problem with drivers coming out from under the bridge at Kroger. Here’s how I fixed it. Rather than speed up and try to cut them off, I slow down and allow them to enter the freeway. Works really well you should try it.

Jeers to all of you that do not get out and vote this fall. I don’t want to hear any complaints when you lose your one pizza a month.

Cheers! I have nothing to complain about today.

Why do people opt to use this as an opportunity to show jealousy over waterfront owners? Forget the drought already! Pretend the lake is full. Our fight is still there. Just happens to be a drought at the same time. The issue is the BRA selling what is left of the lake which is a permanent drop in the level.

I don’t miss George W.

Thank you to all the citizens that have contributed to the fund to OPPOSE the BRA from their request for 1 million acre feet of additional water to sell!

CHEERS to the Granbury City Council for having the foresight to join the fight to save our lake! The Brazos River Authority is applying for an additional 400,000 acres of water from our lake.

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