Sound Off, Aug. 22

August 22, 2012

Jeers to the person living in the Peninsula who thinks his nap is more important than allowing a noisy air ambulance to land and save someone’s life.

I’m a Dana Vollmer fan, but building a natatorium during a recession seems less frugal than a sign or renaming a road in her honor. Let’s be reasonable and supportive of Dana at the same time.

A previous Sound Off criticized HCN for publishing news that the ex-mayor may run for office. After 2 years of Pratt’s service, which can only be described as “a joke,” I applaud HCN for letting the public know there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you to the lady in the pickup at the Acton Family Dollar Store for helping me.

Cheers to Ray, (Bam-Bam), Monika and Joe Molder; and Thomas for coming to my rescue Sunday, Aug. 12 morning on Highway 377. Your actions and comforting words have inspired me to “pay it forward” by helping others whenever and however I can.

A city employee out of his a/c truck? Sure I know another one, Tim Spraggins, Distribution Operation Manager,(electric). When the city buried my line he was on the scene for 2 days supervising and digging along with his crew.

Cheers to the person that wrote the Cheers to the Director of Utilities for being out in the field working in the heat. You have no idea how much she needed to hear that. Thank you!

Can someone explain why the Animal Shelter has to completely close down to allow one person to come in and look at the files? I’m really confused by that, and I don’t believe we are getting the full story here.

Hood County government is overstaffed by about 20%. If the Commissioners are serious about saving taxpayer money it’s time that they look hard at their payroll expense and take appropriate action.

Cheers to corrections. Last week my jeers read “Jeers to tethered dogs.” There was no period before It stated the TX Law. Last week I stopped to check on a dog tethered to a tree in front of a house. I was screamed at & told to mind my business. Word to the wise, many are advocates for those who cannot speak or help themselves. People are watching!

Dana Vollmer said she was from Granbury. I guess she knows where she is from!

How about the police watching the stop sign runners around the downtown post office?

Yo City Council! Fund the finish out of the boat docks across Pearl St from Hilton. Ugly poles in water and materials blocking bike path for 2 years.

Cheers to Karen Agster, Financial Secretary at a private school! She is so helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for parents! Thanks Karen!

I can’t believe what I read in last week Jeers and Cheers. Jeers to the medical helicopter that landed in The Peninsula Monday morning. We have a NO-Fly zone? Don’t you think maybe they landed for a medical emergency? The medical helicopter has picked up my mother twice in her front yard! Which saved her life both times!

I don’t recall Granbury Live being ignored for years by the city. The venue was always listed on the city’s celebration schedules, was on tourism brochures and was even allowed to build a business front that is architecturally out-of-place on the Granbury square. I don’t know a single restaurant or store treated the same. Sounds like sour grapes.

Happy Hill paid the State of Texas in full for the turn lane. With a little investigation you will discover that many private companies and organizations pay for turn lanes these days. As far as “the rich kids,” over half of the students are on a scholarship.

Welcome to Granbury, Dr. Largent! What a breath of fresh air to hear your common sense approach to problem solving and your positive attitude toward our profession as educators. How invigorating to hear the voice of hope instead of the cry of doom and gloom. The new leader of GISD is here to lead us in a new direction. It’s going to be a good year.

Why has our town’s only library become a noisy playground for kids? The inconsiderate parents need to escort their children out and teach them the library should be a quiet place where many come to study and read!

Cheers – to the businessman that let me borrow his cell phone, twice, while eating lunch, concerning my flat tire and cheers to my co-worker, Pami, and neighbor, Gary, that answered my calls for help to get home and get the flat fixed.

I agree with the person that says a Dana Vollmer sign should go up by the Granbury welcome sign but make it a Permanent sign!

To the person on Aug. 12 who paid $20 toward my child’s medicine. Thank you so much. That was very helpful!

CHEERS to Jordan Ottaway for winning a Lexus in a local writing contest. He is a very great, kind, hard working young man. I wish the best for you Jordan as you go on to UNT.

Cheers to the City Council for supporting the Granbury Theatre Company after an embarrassingly long process of delay and indecision. Thanks for live theater again on the Square and for the use of an empty building.

Cheers to the shop on the square honoring Dana Vollmer. Thanks for the chance to sign a card to be sent to her. Thanks for the flags and signs on the door!

Super Cheers to Sara the waitress. I left my debit card on my table as I left the restaurant on 8/11. It wasn’t until the following morning that I realized my debit card was gone. I called the manager and was told Sara had turned it in. Got it back! Sara you rock.

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