Sound Off, Aug. 21

August 21, 2013


Jeers Granbury City Council and Hood County Commissioners for wasting our money! The lake has very little to do with most of us in Hood County. This lake was intended to be a place to store water for USE during dry conditions. This lake is not your play toy.

So the County big wigs get a pay raise, huh? What about those of us behind the scenes who do the real work and keep the offices going, the bathrooms clean, the roads maintained? We can’t get raises or more hours because of the “economy.” Looks like the “economy” is pretty darn good for the big boys!

The Mom and Pop business that built this town felt very slow business over July 4th also. We should all be shopping Mom and Pop stores when we can.

Cheers to all the volunteers with the pee wee football association. Even bigger cheers goes out to Bobby McDonald who has coached these kids I know since 2003. He no longer even has a child in pee wee, yet he continues to share his knowledge and passion for the sport with our kids. His wife and kids also come to support him and the kids. Love that!

Jeers to the low-life lazy jerks who dumped their mattress and box springs at the HCN recycling center. You’re probably the same people who litter our roads.

Commissioners giving themselves a pay raise are they serious they are overpaid now. This is a small county they have little authority over what happens in the county. Every time you go to them with a problem they tell you there is little we can do. But they can raise their own pay. Sheriff Deputies deserve the raise.

Cheers for the GISD bond proposal. It makes every campus entrance secure, doubles the space for Career and Technology Education, and moves the 9th grade to GHS which is smart logistically and fiscally. These are issues for which I can vote yes. It will raise my taxes slightly but it will benefit our community’s children greatly.

This country has become one with an obsession of trying to fix blame for things on someone. To set out to fix blame is unbecoming of America and especially Granbury, but it is becoming more persistent as rallies and hoots for a full lake in spite of a record breaking drought. George W., We Miss ‘Ya!

I was at the hospital (A non smoking campus) and 2 people standing right outside in the patient loading zone in front of a No Smoking sign just puffing away. How rude can some people be. People leaving the hospital are sick and sure do not want to smell smoke. You might not care about your health but you such respect others.

As to the formula for safe hwy speed limit … using it means the old two lane Hwy 144 @70 mph is safer than the new divided Hwy 144 @60 mph. (Gee how can that be) and the old part of the loop is safer than the new, also when was the study done on the new part of the loop.

Cheers to commissioners for nixing a mandatory donation to the Paluxy River Children’s Advocacy Center. I wholeheartedly support the center, but this is not the proper way to raise funds.

Let’s start a movement in Granbury. We want a Wienerschnitzel! Wienerschnitzel! Wienerschnitzel! Wienerschnitzel!

Repeating a LIE does not make it true. Whoever wrote that GISD spent “millions” on the new turf field obviously cannot read or simply does not want to accept the truth. The field cost less than half a million dollars and was a very small part of a project that replaced air conditioning and lighting in hundreds of classrooms. That is the TRUTH!

Part of saving the lake should be cleaning it up while we have the chance. The weeds growing under our docks are just going to get stuck in the motors if we don’t trim them. Choose to see this drought as a blessing in disguise and help clean it up. Medina Lake is over 95% empty, it could be worse! Levels go in cycles, it will eventually come up!

To the jobseeker with no computer … you can’t get online to fill out an application, yet you found a way to get online to make that foolish soundoff? Ps. Public libraries-Free! Texas Workforce-FREE! Stop making excuses!

With our reduced tourism due to low lake levels, the appearance of radar speed traps on Hwy 51 North, on the new bypass and the Glen Rose Hwy (144) are causing quite a discussion in surrounding areas. Do we really want to develop this reputation and make a bad situation worse. I have seen many closures in Granbury in the last 6 years.

Cheers to the new turf for the football field. Granbury residents should be proud of any and all improvements that allow our students to excel in all areas of interest and skill. By supporting these kinds of improvements we insure quality learning for our students through classroom activities and extra curricular activities as well.

Tell your “friend” in the BRA that when there is a drought, which we all recognize, you do not sell off more water to the tune of a 4-6 foot permanent drop.

A reader submitted that not all handicaps are obvious. So I looked up the word “obvious” and here is what I found. If a person can move and walk just as well as anyone else, they “obviously” don’t need handicap parking.

Jeers to the City & County & LGWOA. $500,000 to hire “awesome” lawyers to fight BRA. They are not rainmakers! The City and/or County Attorney, or any local lawyer, could just as easily lose the case. It is not a case for the courts. It is a political issue. Let Birdwell & Keffer handle it. Save the taxpayers money!

Jeers to yall who ride in peoples blind spot. Don’t get mad when someone cut in front of you when your riding in their blind spot! We can’t see you.

I am so tired of people not yielding coming out from under the bridge by Kroger! They rather just run over you or push you into the other lane. It’s not highway yield to bridge.

Jeers to the person in the vehicle that waved the red van on to cross 377 to get T bones. Thank God we weren’t seriously injured.

My stock tank has gone dry. I guess all the water ran into Lake Granbury before it got to my stock tank. Guess I need to start a committee to look into this problem because I can’t use my little paddle boat anymore.

Cheers to the city’s Disc Golf Course for being a free place to play a sport with friends and family. The course is well maintained by the city crews and they help make it a tournament caliber course.

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