Sound Off, Aug. 15

August 15, 2012

To the person jeering the leash tethering law, imagine putting yourself or your child in the same position as the dog and stay out side in all kinds of weather, with a short lead and maybe you will see why there is a law. This became a law because of the abuse and neglect and cruelty to animals.

Tom McRae must be laughing in heaven as his dream is rescuing the Opera House after they and the City ignored Granbury Live for so many years.

The City and County should get off their collective butts and make a Natatorium happen, named the Vollmer Natatorium. A proven moneymaker in those communities that have one.

We are new to Granbury and have kids in school and were so amazed when we went to register our son in band. We were welcomed by Phoebe, she is an extremely mature young lady and loves the band. She made the transition so much easier and welcoming. Her face glowed when she talked about the upcoming season and school. Thanks for welcoming us to GHS.

Once again you focus on stirring up a controversy. A family of 3 loses their home to a fire and it is on page 3. But a former mayor MIGHT run for city council is at the top off page 1. The only reason a story was even printed was because you wanted to continue your National Enquirer attitude. Tone it down and make us feel good about Granbury.

Jeers to the sheriff candidate who still has a political sign at an eating establishment on East Pearl St. Think the law doesn’t allow this.

Jeers to the City and County for building the new, needed North Plaza Drive and then letting the shoulders grow up with weeds. This looks very unsightly and should be dealt with since it was curbed.

Thanks to the band parents who give countless hours to the band. And jeers to those who just want to stand around and complain. We are a 2 parent working family and if it wasnt for some of the board members our student would not be in band, they pick up the pieces when parents can’t be there. Continue the great job Band Boosters.

Jeers to the parent who wrote about the band not following the districts lost and found policy. First let me say that students should learn to take care of there own belongings instead of blaming everyone else for there laziness. Second we do not auction the lost items off to make money, but maybe we should. Thanks for the idea.

Jeers to the Erath County citizen causing the shut down of Hood County Animal Control. While it is closed, no animals are available for adoption. I for one will be curious to know how many animals will be ‘put down’ because they are not available to the public for adoption. Go cause trouble in your own county & leave ours alone.

Is there a period shortage at the HCN? You have some of the longest sentences I’ve ever tried to read-in print and on the web.

Jeers to those if you who think the stop sign at Davis and Rhea road is a 2 for 1. One day your going to cause a wreck.

Hope to see Tolar pull out a winning football season this year — some of the best young men in Tx. It is time you pull through Coach Franklin!!!!! Good luck.

Oh joy – now we have the ex-mayor & ex-city manager running for city council seats. That’s just what we Don’t need!!!! Do they not realise that’s why they are ex’s.

I was very surprised to see the director of city utilities out working in the heat on water meters! She was very polite and professional. I wonder how many other department heads(electric, water, etc) have actually left their air conditioned trucks and had their hands dirty over the last year-I would predict zero. The city is very lucky to have her!

What Granbury needs is a sign saying home of Dana Vollmer with her picture and say 4 time gold medalist!!

Cheers to the Granbury High School Golf Team, while qualifying at Hidden Oaks they had such great golf manners!! Keep up the good work!!!!

First Rash and now Southern. Hint: If you get voted out of one office, we do not want you in another.

Congrats Dana Vollmer! I vote for Granbury to honorably name US 377 The Dana Vollmer Highway. What an amazing hometown hero we have! She is bringing much attention to our town that can’t be bought.

Jeers to the medical helicopter that landed in The Peninsula Monday morning. We have a No-Fly zone over our subdivision.

Jeers to the person that came down my driveway on jackson lane and stripped my peach tree of every peach. i hope you shared them ! you didnt have to steal them i would have gladly shared with you if asked! you could have at least left a few for my family and neighbors to enjoy.

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