Sound Off, April 3

April 3, 2013

At a street of Big Horn in Hood County, somebody has taken habit to use rifle or gun in early morning and evening, what is left from bullets raining to my roof. I called officers this morning, they came and it happened again this evening.

There are those who step forward and quietly serve their country and community with humility and pride and then there are the others, including Elected Officials, who whine, yelp and protest for attention without facts or focus. Thank you, General Adams, and all the others who serve our country, our state and community!

Thank you Mr. Haley and Mr. Ashey for two intelligent and compelling letters to the editor. Your common sense options to increase Lake Granbury’s water levels are excellent.

Jeers to irresponsible pet owners whose dogs go loose. I understand that some are escape artists but get them microchipped for $15!

I’m just curious, are the gas companies still using the lake water for drilling? If they are, that could explain a lot. If not, it was just a thought.

Since we can’t run a pipeline down from Canada, perhaps Mr. Ashley should talk to Obama about running a pipeline up from the Gulf Coast to bring our lake some of that South Texas rain water.

Cheers to the return of the Brazos River! Seems to me that the BRA is doing their job as long as we have a river. The lake front property owners need to try to make some lemonade out of these lemons they think that they are getting. Think about how much more land they have now with the lake out of the way!

Well, we can’t blame George anymore, so let’s blame a BRA Board member for his attempt to bring some facts and logic to the drought situation. Oh Granbury!

Jeers, Boo and Shame on the person/persons responsible for removing 3 healthy, very old, post oaks and one live oak along Meander Rd. I suspect removal was to allow mowers easy access. Our road crews have managed to mow around those trees for decades without incident or complaint.

Many thanks to the young man who helped me and my 3 grandkids over spring break. We had gone into a local business and one grandchild got sick. As we were getting in the car, he helped us three times with napkins, Kleenex and then a Sprite! My older grandson, 8, said, “That’s the nicest man I don’t know!” It’s true. What a great place to live!

Thank you so much to the sweet young woman (driving a Subaru) in front of me in the drive-thru at Starbucks on Thursday, March 28 who bought my coffee for me! I’ve never had that happen before. You made my day & renewed my faith in humanity! I will definitely Pay it Forward!

Cheers! Thank you to the Granbury Stowaways for making our grand opening so special! It was freezing, spring break, and you all came out to perform anyway! You ladies are one class act! I am so proud of you all for wanting to share your Granbury school spirit with us!

Rain over Lake Granbury reminds me of a cold shower. No matter how long you leave it on, it doesn’t hold water.

Cheers to Coach Wright at GMS! Thanks for always encouraging the boys!

Jeers! to the adults who can’t act like adults at the baseball fields! Keep your domestic violence issues to yourselves and away from our children! Sad when you chose to cuss, hit and carry on in front of children!

This is in response to the person complaining about the jet noise. That’s the sound of peace. They are military jets.

Ok it is obvious there is mixed emotions about the lake levels and what should be done. It’s not about the “So Called Fatcats” who live lakeside, it’s about being a concerned citizen and fighting for the City of Granbury. Let’s be clear “Where Lake Granbury goes, so does the City of Granbury and Hood County.” Everyone should pull together.

I don’t call releasing 454 cubic feet of lake water per second from 07/16/2012 to 08/08/2012 a low level release nor was it a flood release. An eight inch water line hooked to two gas wells on Davis Road was sucking water straight from the lake and that is no rumor. Facts are in the Corps of Engineers daily reports.

Cheers to Animal control. I don’t think people realize how many animals they take in and the amount of work it is and a big thanks to the volunteers. Good Job guys!

Cheers to Ms. Tiffany at TNS Head Start! You’re doing a wonderful job with those kids. Keep up the good work!

Jeers to the person who thinks another reactor or 2 would have more impact than more water in Lake Granbury. Well, it would have more impact…a Negative one! If we have no water to drink, we don’t NEED electricity!

This is not just a drought situation. Every business will or already is being affected. Stand up for our Community!

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