Sound Off, April 24

April 24, 2013

Jeers to the person who took the brown rubber boots off a cart on April 21 at around 4:30 p.m. We forgot them and were coming back to get them. They were left for about 10 minutes. They were going to be for work.

Cheers to the seniors on the GHS Boys and Girls soccer teams! These young adults volunteered to spend their Friday coaching and demonstrating the excitement of the game of soccer to 420 third, fourth, and fifth grade students. What great leaders our high school has shared with Brawner Intermediate students to create a super fun day. Thank you!

According to BRA’s website, there are nine major reservoirs in the Brazos Basin, most all are larger and some even more prominent than Lake Granbury, if you can believe that, and all are considerably lower due to the drought. Are their politicians blaming somebody, too?

Cheers to Tracy Cleveland for his/her letter urging that we use the opportunity of the lake shores being exposed by the drought to clean up our property. The old adage, “When you’re overcome with lemons, make lemonade,” is apt here!

Cheers to Mike Scott and the Chamber of Commerce Board for their consistent logic and reality regarding the drought conditions we are enduring. The elected officials who feel compelled to begin their reelection campaigns this early are revealing much about themselves, their lack of knowledge, logic or common sense!

Jeers to the 20 or so visiting students that climbed over the right field fence in costumes Friday night during the varsity baseball game. Jeers to the umpires for not doing anything about it & jeers to the coaching staff for allowing this to go on for sometime. Total disrespect for the game & the Granbury fans, coaches, & team.

Will all the years of time and energy promoting the wonderful Granbury be lost on emotional comments about lake levels and fear tactics about the power plant? Granbury is not the only city experiencing drought conditions! Please stop the smear campaign and concentrate on a little community pride.

The City Manager challenging the Chamber of Commerce is about like Barney taking on Matt Dillon, or intellectually, Goober questioning Einstein. Wake Up, City Council!

The Chamber of Commerce Board writes an open letter to the public on the lake issues; the County Judge writes a personal letter to the Governor and the City Manager writes a Secret letter to the HCNews. Now tell us folks, Who’s creating all the hoopla in the community, and for what purpose?

I agree with Rick Mauch -”Fiddler on the Roof” is one of the best things I’ve seen here. Do yourself a favor, even if you don’t usually go to the theater, and see it. It is awesome! Let’s do everything we can to keep Andrew Barrus here in Granbury.

To the nuke plant safety worry warts, Lake Granbury water would have a minimal effect in an emergency. The pipeline is only 48” diameter and max flow is about 60,000 gal. per minute. Filling the power plant lake was calculated to take two years with only Granbury water. The water only maintains the lake level and does not directly cool the plant.

To the person who said nuclear plants are near oceans for a reason, you know not of what you speak. The South Texas nuclear plant is near the Gulf and at 8’ above sea level, the land it’s on was usable only for rice farming. It is also near the mouth of a river, where it gets its FRESH WATER for plant cooling. The plant has no use for sea water.

Jeers to the new tower someone located smack middle of the City Cemetery. What’s next, a fast food restaurant there also? Times must be a changing as these places used to be sacred.

You do realize that most likely nobody at Oak Woods School actually has any control over what sinks are in the building, right? That decision comes from the maintenance department. Not only that, the sinks work fine. Some people just look for something to complain about.

Real cute to paint our already crappy roads. That does nothing to improve the rough ride! How about actually improving them instead of covering them up?

Now we find out that the Chamber of Commerce is in bed with the Brazos River Authority. Not surprised, but very disappointed. The city manager is due our appreciation for seeking the truth with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Maryland.

Thank you to my Constable Mike Lang for your recent help! I appreciate you going above and beyond! You are a true public servant.

C’mon traffic officials, the backed up traffic on Hwy 144 (Morgan St.) is ridiculous. Whether you are going north or south on Hwy 144 (where it crosses Hwy 377) there is always a backlog of traffic. One must sit through two or three light changes. Plus “heaven forbid” you want access Morgan from any side street from Community Bank to Hwy 377.

Jeers – We in the City of Granbury are under water restrictions, BUT if you travel down Old Granbury Road you can see water pipes hooked up to 3 water hydrants. This water is going into the ground at the corner of Meandering Road and Old Granbury Road.

Jeers to the dog owner who walks in South Grove. PLEASE stop letting your dog do his business in the yards without cleaning it up!

Went out to Sky Harbour Community Garage sales and while driving down Sun Ct. we watched for the double-wide that had been mentioned in the paper. There are a few double-wides that was well manicured, but not a single one really stuck out. The house (not a double-wide) at the end of the street sure should get the grand prize. Very very beautiful.

Welcome back B. J. Wallace. So good to have you on board again.

When did the Granbury Chamber of Commerce relocate to Glen Rose? I missed that press release.

Why did we have to learn about a Granbury High School student being fined 550 dollars for a “crude” joke? This seems pretty silly not being handled within the school rather than calling in the authorities.

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