Sound Off, April 17

April 17, 2013

I done lived here forever and never cared about the lake so I say let it dry up and teach all them lake lovers a lesson.

In regards to the Letter To The Editor in 4-13-13 paper no one could have said it better. Mr. Jerry Don Hodges is everything that was said and more. It is wonderful to go to First National Bank and he always says hello and chats. His wife Susan is also a big advantage to Hood County. Hodges & Dr. Hamilton – all wonderful people.

Fact, All the stock ponds are full and overflow with just a modest amount of rain.

The lake would still be usable if so much water had not been sold downstream.

Well Done! Mike Scott and Chamber Board! Your logic, common sense, courage and convictions for this community speaks volumes! Thank You!

Jeers to all you people who don’t believe that Granbury has an safety issue with a NUCLEAR power plant sitting on a lake that is drying up! Most nuclear plants are next to OCEANS for a reason! Better pray we don’t have an earthquake.

Jeers to the Chamber of Commerce for supporting the BRA and NOT the CITY that they are supposed to promote!

We can just hope that those who are so generously donating money for an economic study are not disappointed when the polished study product reveals nothing more than we already know about our community, the environment, nature, the drought and the inevitable results there from. I just read the Granbury Chamber of Commerce Board letter to its membership and So Very Pleased to find that some sanity remains in our community! We can only hope that this letter can serve to heal the vile words and animosity circulating around an environmental situation for which no one is to blame!

Congratulations to the GHS Student Council for receiving the Outstanding Student Council Award. It takes commitment and hard work to win this award. I’m so proud of the students who are willing to give their time and efforts in such a selfless way.

Are the folks who hate the lake, who hate the opera house and who hate any volunteers the same folks who never support our community?

Cheers to all involved in Brawner Intermediate’s production of School House Rock! The show was fantastic. Congratulations on a job well done!

CHEERS to Hood County Sheriff’s Department and the Drug Taskforce and the DEA for cleaning up some of the trash in Rancho Brazos.

Thanks to the police officer that sits at the AES school and catches people going the wrong way.

JEERS to the people who pick up kids at 6:30 in the morning and lay on the horn for them to come out. I work 2nd shift, and every day I am awakened to this loud, and rude blare. Use your cell phone and call them!

Jeers to Oak Woods. Our kids stay sick because of lack of modern, working bathroom sinks. Stop complaining about them not being at school if you won’t help us make sure they can wash their hands.

Jeers to GISD officials for not taking a parent’s complaint about a teacher seriously.

Why is there still no air conditioning for the Boys and Girls club in Decker Gym? Let’s stop wasting tax payers dollars on things that don’t matter and spend it wisely! Those kids have waited long enough!

Cheers to Premier High School! You are doing an outstanding job! Please open a elementary! Granbury needs it!

Cheers to our God for opening up the clouds and giving us a small break in the dryness we have been having. All Glory goes to God.

Jeers WHAT!! High-Profile DWI case dropped. Good to know people in HIGH PLACES! ps would like to know the results of the blood test.

Jeers to city of Granbury for charging highest electric rates in north texas, how do you figure this will draw people to want to live here?

Jeers to the neighbors who put their trash out in bags so the wildlife can rip it open, leave it all lay on the ground don’t clean it up before the wind blows it into all of our yards.

A prescription Drug Drop-Off box is a great idea, but it should empty directly into a law enforcement center. Think about many mailed items have been fished out of USPS mail drop-offs. Cameras may be aimed at the box, but that doesn’t prevent theft.

CHEERS to Coach Scott Carpenter of AMS. He took four AMS students to The State Finals Science Fair in San Antonio. What a fantastic job he did making arrangements for meals, organizing times and just a wonderful experience for the students.

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