Sound Off, April 10

April 10, 2013

Wow… I’m embarrassed. Note to City Manager & Council; Time to pull up the big boy underwear, accept the NRC answer that lake levels have no impact on nuclear plant safe operations and sit down with the BRA to explore realistic and viable opportunities to keep more water in our lake. Spend the DC trip money on ads to repair the damage you’ve done.

Cheers to Stephen Boynton for writing the editorial on our rainfall totals! God provides the rain … the BRA lets it out!

Cheers to our city manager and all elected officials that are stepping up and looking after the SAFETY of the citizens of Granbury and Hood County!

Thank You, Debbie Schneider, and congratulations for your “What Does It Take To Fill Lake.” Forthright, factual and balanced article in the Saturday HCNews.

According to the TV interview, we are living under the threat of a nuclear accident disaster here in Granbury! Is Washington aware of this? When did all of this become public? What’s really going on around here in this dysfunctional community?

When’s the final pave of Loop 567 extension? Haven’t seen workers on the east of Weatherford Hwy portion for over a month and crossing it on Cemetery Rd or on Stockton Bend is a rutted, dusty mess.

Jeers to the City’s newly constructed/permitted extremely tall telecommunications tower at the Granbury Cemetery. It has ruined the view from all directions of our historic courthouse, especially at night when it’s bright red lights glow and flash for air traffic safety.

Cheers to the GHS Senior Class of 2013. You have had so many successes in every area of student activities. You were an outstanding class when I worked with you in middle school, and you’re still a super bunch of students!

Granbury, you are being made fools of by a group of zealous newsmedia hawks, elected and appointed officials, over the low lake level issue. Look around Texas, folks, Lake Granbury is the least lowest of any and all those around us! We should all be embarrassed!

I watched the much heralded news report on Lake Granbury and if it was the intent of the low lake level perpetrators, You Blew It! Whoever brought up the notion of a “nuclear plant accident” took lake water to a whole new ugly level!

Cheers to the person who returned our A&M garden flag that was displaced by the extremely high wind two or three weeks ago.

Dancing with the Stars’ Williams and McKethan had better get some better music and lyrics because they are an embarrassment to our City!

Cheers to the descriptor of what the military jets are. I would like to add that if you don’t like the sounds of freedom, I’m sure there are plenty of other countries happy to have your attendance.

It especially saddens me to see all the trash left in the ballparks. First off, parents please teach your kids to dispose of their own trash. If you’re a coach, please make sure your team picks up after themselves. If you’re an adult ball player leaving trash…well you’re old enough to know better. Kids learn bad habits somewhere I suppose.

Cheers to Mary Vinson for another great picture of Marco Ramirez performing a kick during a recent game against Diamond Hill-Jarvis.

Cheers to Sergeant Willis for protecting our kids from a punk rowdy this week and to Cpl. Hurley for handling the same punk a few weeks ago. I wish they would send him out of our neighborhood. Keep up the good work men and women of our security. We are standing with you.

Cheers to all those who put on the Benefit for Mayor Pratt. This was by far the best dinner/auction I have been to in Granbury. The food was great! The silent auction items were displayed extremely well. The live auction was fun, fast and easy to follow.

Cheers to the residents in Sky Harbour Community. The double wide on Sun Ct. – their yard is so beautiful, they keep it very well manicured and stays that way all year around. I think they should get an award for most beautiful yard. Keep up the good work because you inspire people to keep their yards clean!

Mr. Ashley in his letter said that the BRA was dumping our lake water into the Gulf of Mexico. Well, I contacted BRA and ALL of the Brazos River water that flows into the Gulf comes from south of the BRA lakes except in heavy rainy seasons. Also Lake Granbury when full is 129,000 acre feet; not 193,000 acre feet. Get smart people!

CHEERS for all the blue ribbons around town! It’s awesome to see child abuse prevention awareness in Granbury!

Cheers to the City for putting on a great show for our kiddos for Easter. The hunt was awesome, the staff was friendly and the vendors are awesome! Can’t wait til next year! Great job Josh!

Jeers to Oak Woods school. You refuse to change the sinks in the bathrooms so the children can ACTUALLY wash their hands. Your school is very out dated.

Cheers to Josh McGinnis & the Parks & Recreation staff for the wonderful job they did on the community Easter egg hunt Sat. Josh was at the fields at 1:30 a.m. when the rains began & did not leave until well into the afternoon following the egg hunt.

A big Cheers to Tim and Peggy Spraggins and Steve and Joni Berry for always giving of their time to help other people. Whenever there is a benefit in Hood County you see these four people working long hours to get the job done.

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