Sound Off

March 5, 2014

Cheers to the restaurant manager for taking care of us when there was a little issue! An extra cheer for realizing that we had two daughters, so when he gave one a brownie & ice cream dessert to go, he also gave one to the other! It was nice not to have to hear them fight over it, or get upset for having to share!

Cheers to all the volunteers who made the Texas Independence Day celebration a huge success. Parade, entertainment and WOW the Bulls on the Beach was great. Hope it is an annual event.

Big cheer to the woman who picked up the tab at a store when she heard I was buying for a food bank! The bill was $66 and will go a long way in helping us feed those who need it.

New reservoirs must be built instead of draining our lakes. Some municipalities are going to have to drill new wells. When our votes are felt in Austin, then true governance over water bureaucrats will be established with someone truly responsible to the people of Texas.

Democrats love liberty so much that they take it away from others, equality means doing nothing and getting everything, justice means picking and choosing and making up laws to enforce and subjugate opponents.

Don’t blame it all on the Democrats. There are members of both parties whose main goal is self enrichment. Our main problem is apathetic, uninformed voters.

Jeers to the birthday party that came into the local restaurant not only did you tie up a server trying to serve you, you trashed the party room with ice cream and cake thrown everywhere you did not tip your server great job.

Jeers to the ignoramus who said the Texas economy has remained strong because the state has so few Democrats. The economy is thriving due to gas drilling, and it’s those conservatives you cheered who created the lake problems in Hood County. Try looking at the big picture.

GISD I hope you have plans for better hygiene in our schools. I am sick of the hearing the principal complain about absences due to illness, but sanitation is not a priority and neither is properly working sinks for these elementary kids to wash their hands! They are small, if it is too hard to work with they will skip it entirely!

Jeers to the person who took the wreath off the door of Miss Vicki’s School of Dance. It was handmade with personal mementos. Please return it. We’d be happy to make you your own. All you have to do is ask.

With warmer weather, I’ve travelled all over, covering more than 30 counties. By far, Hood County has the trashiest roadsides of them combined. Why encourage people to come here only to see junk all over the place?

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