Sound Off

February 26, 2014

Jeers to people who let their trash blow all over the street and let their dogs bark constantly.

Cheers to Weatherford College! Thank you for coming to our beautiful town and giving our community these wonderful opportunities.

Shame on the candidates that are taking up the parking spots at the early voting polling place. They are within the law to be within 100 ft of the front door, but are taking up parking with campaign signs in their vehicles. They could have moved back a row and still be seen. The comment about getting me a scooter was uncalled for.

Cheers to the Lady Pirate soccer team. All are a huge part to winning games. Try to keep positive. It’s a whole team that wins.

Professor Huff at Weatherford College at Granbury, CHEERS! Thank you for bringing life to American Literature. I have not enjoyed an English course nearly as much as I have yours! Finally a place to allow me to think critically!

Jeers to whoever is responsible for picking up debris on our bridges in Granbury. I have to rescind my earlier Cheers due to seeing just the west side of 51 hwy bridge & had thought that the bridge was cleaned up but evidently not. I had earlier thanked whomever cleaned up the west side of the bridge but today saw that it all shifted to the east.

Jeers to the city for not doing something about the eyesore of the Double D Steakhouse. It should have been torn down, years ago. It will be such a beautiful neighbor when the new Aldi comes to town.

I’m not sure what’s happening to Lake Granbury but it’s time for the powers that be put a stop to it!

I am sorry for the 12 families that were affected by suicide last year. But the bigger problem is meth use in the county and country. It damages far more lives than suicide. How about information on meth addiction? And not just the 1 gram arrests. What about the dealers and cooks? When are we going to go after them and get them out of Hood County?

I’m amazed at the local politicians talking of growth, tourism, the sacred Square and Opera House, and airport expansion. With a developer proposing 5,000 homes. That’s smart. We don’t have enough water for what we have now. The lake is drying up and tourism will go with it. Think about expanding boat ramps to make what little we have left accessible.

Cheers to the Lake Granbury Coalition! Very informative presentation with the data to back it up.

Granbury Lady Pirate Basketball Coach Leta Andrews retires after 51 years. She taught more than basketball. I was there when she became the winningest girls coach in history as well as the winningest coach ever.

Love all the improvements in Granbury – new signs, street improvements, etc. – but unless we get water in the lake, the people will not come.

Cheers to Democrats? Really we are so lucky in Hood Co and Texas that the Democrat party is almost obsolete and has little to no power to damage Texas the way they have places like New York and California. There’s a reason our economy is better than the rest of the country it’s called conservatism. I love my big RED state.

Jeers to the parents who put little kids out in the dark by themselves, on a busy road to wait on the bus.

Cheers to the person who wrote the comment about the guy who parks his dump truck on the side of the road on Pearl, I live over there and due to his truck you can’t see to pull out on Pearl, something needs to be done, any suggestions?

Jeers to dog owners that don’t keep their pets under control and let them run all over the neighborhood doing their business.

Thanks to the young couple in a white pick-up who paid for my order at a fast-food restaurant. You have no idea how much excitement you caused! I promise I will pay-it-forward.

My daughter and I were shopping and had a few items in the cart. A young man paid for our groceries and we were very surprised and pleased! It was really appreciated.

Jeers to people who dump their fireplace ashes and other things in the lake. Even though we don’t have water, you are still polluting our lake. Please stop.

Cheers to Hood County Law Enforcement for going after illegal drug users. “Recreational” drug use is NOT a private act as it affects EVERYONE in our community to some degree. Everything from higher taxes to death!

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