Sound Off 8-14-13

August 14, 2013

I don’t have “a pizza a month.” I also don’t vote for elected officials who spend our tax money like they had a printing press. Eighty-five million dollars can be, and should be, cut in by two thirds and still give the kids what they need. They didn’t need artificial turf on the football field but that money is already ashes.

If every dock owner (and there is over 3200) on Lake Granbury would only donate their annual dock fees we could save our precious lake. If the average dock fee is $60 annually, and all 3200 sent their dock fee in to the City or the LGWOA & Friends for the legal team support we would have $192,000. If we all gave $100, we have $320,000.

Granbury a Hoot! I visited a friend of mine in South Texas last week who is a member of the BRA Board of Directors. He told me that the biggest relief from dealing with the serious impacts of the ongoing drought, are jokes about the whining and screaming idiocy in Granbury and their oblivion to what’s happening in the real drought world. I agree!

Jeers to BRA they want people to think the heat is the reason the lake is going dry what they don’t tell you is they’re letting water out 24/7 down the river how much money are you making raking in from this?

JEERS to the LGLFPA get over it about the lake level being low. Just take a look at some of the other lake levels in the area – Hubbard Creek 21 ft low,O.C. Fisher 59 ft.,Georgetown 16 ft., and how would you like Elephant Butte 116 ft. along with Travis,Twin Butts both move than 53 ft. down. Being in this area for more than 35 yrs. Back off it.

Cheers to Ozarka, without them we wouldn’t have any decent drinking water in Laguna Vista!

Just drove Loop 567 extension. Yet another unsuspecting motorist pulled over. Go onto the TxDOT website to protest the 45 mph.

Thanks to the lady ahead of me in the drive through on August 6. Little did you know, you were buying my birthday lunch. It was a nice surprise.

Here I am at Mackinaw City, MI where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet and I see a sign that says the highest recorded lake level is 582.35 ft in 1986 and now it is at the lowest recorded lake level of 576.2. I wonder if the BRA controls the Great Lakes, too?

Cheers to GHS theater group and the “OZ” camp. Thank you everyone for making it such a great week for my daughter and the other children. It was a real treat to see what they had learned at the end of the week and see a sneak preview of what is to come this fall. It is sure to be an amazing production.

Jeers to the City of Granbury, thanks for going down on the water bills. Then only to go up double on the water, it’s highway robbery.

Jeers to the companies in town saying they are now hiring, you goin to get an application everything’s online and what if somebody doesn’t have a computer so that means I don’t get a job.

Someone did not like that I complained about the chemicals put on the trees on the road side. Some of those took years to get to that size. Maybe we need to go back to the chain gang and take the prisoners out of confinement with computers and cell phones – put them to work on a project. They might enjoy their free meals and upkeep.

Cheers to the Hood County Sheriff’s office. I might have had a prowler at my house on Meander Road. I called. They were at my house in less than two minutes. They checked everything out. Made sure I was safe. Very caring. Thank you Hood County Sheriff’s Office for making me feel safe.

Someone commented in Sound Off about handicap parking. They were angry because it seemed that someone may have been cheating by having handicap plates or a placard and the doctors that prescribed them were allowing abuse. Not all handicaps are obvious. Doctors would not allow someone to abuse the handicap placard. It would be unethical.

My goodness. Doesn’t anyone watch TV any more to see many low lake pictures? It is what it is – ALL lake levels will drop until Texas has significant run-off rains. Save the money on chasing rainbows and put that money into hiring a group to clean up our roadways in Hood County. Maybe “community service” hours? It looks horrible all over!!

Jeers to HCN headline “trash chunking suspect charged” by all means, at the very least, a newspaper should be using thier words correctly…CHUNK is a large piece of something, CHUCK means to throw something…get your dictionary out…should have read: “trash chucking, not chunking.”

To the person complaining about the hole on hwy 51 north. What would you propose to fix a water leak under the road?

If the LGWOA wants to get the entire community involved in its battle with the BRA, they need to hand the reins over to the city and county. A lot of residents will continue to ignore the pleas from LGWOA because they believe they are overprivileged since they live on the lake.

Can the Environmental Protection Agency help the residents of Granbury in dealing with the Brazos River Authority? It seems like the drastic change would be negatively affecting animals and plant life in and around the lake.

GISD spends millions on the football stadium and wants to ask the voters for more through a bond election. Meanwhile the teachers insurance cost is going higher than can be offset by the built in step raise. That amounts to a pay cut. GISD, are you counting on teachers to support your bond package? I have heard no talk in the area of teacher pay.

The state needs to change all the “Lake Granbury” signs to the “Historic Brazos River” signs.

Jeers to the Appraisal board! They lowered the appraisals of lake home properties because of the drought. What about the farmers who depend on the rain for crops for their livestock? Their appraisals were not lowered because of the drought. They make their living by having rain for their crops – no rain, no crops. Seems like discrimination to me.

The story about the Appraisal district investigation had the appearance of a political campaign. I hope he is sincere and not just getting ready to run for office.

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