Sound Off

February 12, 2014

Cheers to Hood County Law Enforcement for going after illegal drug users. “Recreational” drug use is NOT a private act as it affects EVERYONE in our community to some degree. Everything from higher taxes to death!

Cheers to Democrats across the country for fighting for liberty, equality, justice and humanity for all.

Minimum wage (charity of conscience?) reflects one’s preparation and value to the marketplace. Take education seriously, develop a skill and positive attitude, and take responsibility for your own good.

Jeers to employers who schedule employees to work shifts that they don’t have enough time to get a decent nights 8 hours of sleep and wonder why they have so many miserable people working for them and quit all the time.

Cheers to Lucy B. for being a wonderful manager and caring worker. She is wonderful. Cheers to the city of Denton for using wind power for 40 percent of their electricity. How about it, Granbury?

Want to earn more than $7.25 an hour? No sweat. All it requires is to be worth more than $7.25 per hour. This would include knowing how to get out of bed in the morning, showing up on time and doing a days work for a days pay.

The morale of many teachers within GISD is sinking lower and lower.

A public thank you to a young lady who picked up our tab of groceries Monday afternoon. We have always been the ones who gave for whatever reason, never expecting that one day we would be the ones to receive. We told the generous benefactor that we promise to “pass it on,” so that another gift can be felt by someone may be blessed as we.

I guess I’m confused. I keep reading about this Granbury “coalition” group. Who are they, am I missing something, did we elect them, what are they doing? Every time I turn around in Granbury, something new pops up without any of us knowing what’s going on.

A big thank you to the person who found and turned in my wallet at the Acton Post Office Friday, Jan. 31.

Jeers to the lady that stole my daughter’s purse at a local restaurant. Glad you only got $40 out of her. Who do you think you are stealing from an 18-year-old that has more integrity and work ethic than a lot of adults?

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