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February 5, 2014

Jeers to GISD for asking for more taxes and bond issues when the STARS academy sits vacant on Acton School road. It is a relatively new building and would be great for offices or special programs, but it sits there as a monument to increased taxes. Let’s use what we have before asking for more.

Dear Texas Legislators try feeding a family of four on $7.25 per hour for only one month. Let’s provide some honor and dignity to those families who do so every day and raise the State Minimum Wage to $10.10 per hour. Please do this for the Common Good of our Nation.

So the local coalition and their lawyers want to meet with the BRA to get more water in our lake. Guess which is going to fill up first, the lawyers’ pockets or the lake?

Thank you to the incredibly kind couple who bought my breakfast. Totally unexpected, but very appreciated! Will definitely pay it forward. God Bless.

Jeers to the semi truck driver who keeps parking on the shoulder of Pearl street. You are blocking view at a fairly busy intersection just blocks from the high school. It’s impossible to see around you so drivers must inch out blindly, making it extremely dangerous during the school rushes in the morning and afternoon.

Jeers to the low lake level. There are three things you don’t do; You don’t pull on Superman’s cape. You don’t make mother nature mad; and you don’t make the BRA mad!


Cheers to dog walkers who pick up their dog’s leavings from other people’s property. Jeers to the person who leaves little sacks of dog poop in the neighborhood streets.

To the person that belittled your own HOA: If you would come to the meeting and volunteer your time for these jobs it would be appreciated.

Legalizing Marijuana is far overdue for medical use. On top of the medicinal benefits, tax from sales would solve a lot of financial woes in America.

Jeers to the Granbury fans at the varsity girls basketball game against Trimble Tech. Multiple fans continuously yelled at the referees and berated them. What kind of example is this for our children? I’m all about supporting GHS teams, but I choose to not expose my children to this sad and disgraceful behavior.

Jeers to Granbury – It’s been 3 years that I have asked to get partial road on Ables street repaved. They keep saying they will eventually. I was excited when they started working on the street. Wait. They only put in the curb and left the street alone. It’s the street that needs repaving not the curb!

Cheers to Mr. L.D. Huff, American Literature Professor, at Weatherford College in Granbury. You are an amazing Professor & I enjoyed the conversations and critical thinking in your class. You introduced the various novels, stories and poems in a way that I have never viewed literature. The pleasure was mine Sir. I look forward to more classes.

Cheers to propane driver Bennie. He came to my rescue early this morning in 20 degree weather when my tank went out so this old lady wouldn’t freeze. May they never lose this employee as I have used him for years, whichever company he was at.

Cheers to Hood Co. Animal Control and their dedicated volunteers who tirelessly give of themselves in a thankless and emotionally stressful job. If the dogs and cats could talk they’d say “Whatever my outcome, I thank you for the loving hugs, clean bowls, warm towels, outside walks and transports to safety. You all are heroes in my eyes.”

A huge CHEERS and thank you to the people in the dog park that helped my mom when her German Shepherd cut her eye on one of the metal benches. It happened so fast but everyone there helped out in some way and it is greatly appreciated. The dog got 5 stitches in her eyelid and is recovering. Thanks again so much!

Why is it that women put their “sexy” pictures on their campaign posters/signs? I don’t see men’s pictures on their signs. Should we be voting for the most attractive candidate or the most qualified? Maybe I should vote for Wendy Davis for governor as she is the most attractive?

Congratulations to Brent Blackmon for his award as Firefighter of the year and Chase Roop as Rookie of the year. Thank goodness for men like these that give their time so Granbury can have a great fire department.

A dedicated Public Defender office for Hood County such as the one in Burnet County would level the legal playing field for indigent defendants and be an ultimate cost saving blessing to the county.

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