Sound Off

January 29, 2014

A dedicated Public Defender office for Hood County such as the one in Burnet County would level the legal playing field for indigent defendants and be an ultimate cost saving blessing to the County.

I hope those investigating the criminal defense system in Hood County check jail visitation records against court records to see how long it takes defense attorneys to visit felony defendants in jail, how much time is spent with them, and how many times they are visited. Are they just generally seen in court when they are brought to a hearing?

Wow, so we’re supposed to believe 3 out of 4 people in Granbury are for legalizing Marijuana.

I was just outside, and was confronted by a Candidate running for Local Office. They looked me in the eye, introduced themselves, shook my hand, handed me their card, explained their platform, and asked me to vote for them … BRILLIANT! In ALL of my 16 years here, NEVER has this happened to me.

The BRA’s tactics consistently illustrate their unilateral, unchecked arrogance toward not only the residents of Hood County but also our elected officials. The only counter-tactic they will take seriously is a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit.

Wendy Davis’ reader endorsement describes the Communist Party: “Social Justice” defines a nation of men, not a nation of laws; “Labor Rights” defines Union/Government Control, not individual free will; and “Fair Trade” means Government creation and distribution of everything, not “Free Enterprise” that means citizens create and sell their own goods.

I’m a route salesman and I am amazed when I drive around Granbury and Hood County and observe the watering systems on at least a half dozen golf courses going full blast and you all blame the BRA for the low lake level; I guess it’s your choice, golf or boating, or maybe conservation during this drought?

Greg Abbott will make a great governor. He is truly an overcomer, truthful, pro-life, and has proven to be a conservative leader.

At 8 a.m. Monday my son’s dog darted out the door, yes he ran into the street and was hit. Cheers! to the kind people who stopped to help, and to the Sheriff’s Deputy who stopped to help as well, how kind he was! Thank you!

Our Hood County Library outside return book drop is NOT USER FRIENDLY. If you are 6 ft. tall or more no problem and if you are short and handicapped you do have a problem. I have to park my car and go inside to return my books. This is a need needs to be addressed. Our library plays a very important role in our town.

Jeers to the POA that has allowed the homeowners to trash their places causing those that keep theirs up to be devalued. Maybe that board of directors need to stop their fighting amongst themselves and take care of business.

Cheers to grocery store worker Jonathan, one of the best employees they could ever have. Always cheerful and helpful.

Cheers to the new Tolar Elementary Principal Kristen Carey. She works hard and does a great job. We are lucky to have her!

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