Sound Off

January 22, 2014

Cheers to the general manager of a restaurant on Highway 377. Our tire was damaged as we drove down Highway 377 yesterday afternoon. It started to leak air very rapidly. We pulled into a parking lot to change the tire and before we could get out of our car, Shane, the general manager, was there to offer to change our tire for us. Shane, your grandfather would be very proud of you! Thank you! You are awesome!

I’ve lived here for almost 8 yrs and it’s a great town to live in. 2nd best to the town i’m from. Fort Worth has a jeer and cheer section, and they have 200,000 more people and they don’t whine or complain like Granbury does.

Here’s an idea, if Lake Granbury dries up all the way, we could use it for a super motocross, it would be the biggest like a NASCAR track, demolition derby or we could put a gazebo out in the middle of it and have it say Lake Granbury was here.

Cheers to Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Cindy Davis at Mambrino Elem. Thank you for your dedication and time with our children. You are doing an amazing job! While learning, they also seem to acquire a lot of self confidence which is wonderful.

Cheers to the person who paid for our Acton Sonic drive through order, along with three other cars, on Friday. Your generous gesture not only made us smile but also inspired us to buy a Sonic gift card so we could play it forward!

Wendy Davis would make an excellent governor because she is a fighter for Social Justice, Labor Rights, and Fair Trade.

Jeers for not putting Left Lane for passing signs on 144 past the lake bridge. Trying to make turn into Knob Hill can be frustrating at times. Counted as many as 10 cars in left lane and none in right lane on hill headed towards Glen Rose.

Jeers to the Granbury Theatre Co Board for not knowing and acting much sooner to the misspending that was happening on your watch. Obviously, the responsibility to protect the business exceeded your capabilities. The BOD shares equal responsibility with Andrew B. And we know what happened to him! I support the theater, but not this Board.

Cheers to the man in the red truck in the Wendy’s drive-thru right before Christmas. Thanks for the lunch! I will pass it on! May you have a wonderful 2014!

CHEERS to GMS PTO! We literally have the very best PTO in GISD. They always go above and beyond! Not to mention, our Popcorn Tuesday…YUMMY Thanks for all you do!

Back the badge, police officers are our local first line of defense. Thank you for your service.

What are we really teaching kids when we pay them over $4,000 for a rabbit?

I just don’t understand why people in DeCordova Bend Estates can’t keep their dogs contained, if you don’t want to take care of your pet then give it to someone who will.

Jeers to the litter bugs, have some respect for our beautiful city & county.

Isn’t it about time we started dredging out and extending boat ramps instead of building fishing piers? The new one on Pearl St. is useless. The Lake isn’t coming back anytime soon, if ever, and if we want people to be able to use it we have to give them decent access.

Cheers to the BUYERS and all the volunteers who help make the Hood County Livestock Show a success every year. It was a record in our eyes and a huge success. What a great community we all live in and look at our future leaders showing their animals and projects. THANK YOU to everyone who participated.

Many thanks to the honest person who turned in the small red purse left in a basket in the parking lot at Walmart before Christmas. You made my day and I am so grateful. You gotta love our wonderful town. I wish you a Happy New Year filled with many blessings. Thank you again.

Cheers to fixing the Opera House. Now let’s help the Brazos Drive-In. They will close if the town doesn’t help. Donations can be made at First National Bank of Granbury.

The thoughtfulness of the HCN carrier who placed our wrapped papers away from the slippery ice was very much appreciated. Also cheers to the very talented and giving people who shared so much to give the Living Christmas Cards event. Encore! Encore!

Cheers to the young man who paid for my groceries in Brookshire’s. Kindness and generosity are alive and well on this holiday season.

Cheers to Lowell and Wanda Conder, their Sunday school class of Lakeside Baptist Church for the wonderful Christmas party and gifts you gave Legacy residents at Granbury Care Center Dec. 17, and to Bro. Mark for the music and singing of Christmas songs. Everyone enjoyed it so much.

Lipan used to be such a great place before all these new horse people started flooding the area driving up land prices and looking down their noses at the real country people.

Do something every day to make this world a better place than you found it. Every little bit helps!

Cheers to the Granbury Opera House for the wonderful production of “Noises Off”! It is a very entertaining and funny play and the actors are superb. What a joy to have this performance in our very own little town.

Cheers to Mr. Lelan Chiles…smiling Dad at AMS! Thank you for greeting the students every morning and opening car doors. You do this out of the kindness of your heart and you are appreciated very much.

We would like to say Thank You to the lady who paid for our meal in McDonald’s drive thru on Saturday morning, Jan. 4. It was a very nice start to our day and we will definitely pay it forward.

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