Sound Off

January 1, 2014

Downtown Granbury always looks so wonderful at Christmas time. God bless Granbury.

God bless the serenity group of Alcoholics Anonymous. They saved my life.

We need a socially just world where unearned privilege does not exist. Being different or having a different perspective can enrich society. Differences among people should not be feared or oppressed but celebrated and accepted.

Canyon Creek; we pay our dues so we don’t have to stop at the gate. With the gate partially out of order sometimes we have to stop and wait.

Cheers to the Angel that paid off the layaways at Walmart. Thank you so much!

Cheers to the lady at a drive thru in a Cadillac SUV Dec 22. She paid for my meal. Thank you very much …Merry Christmas!

Cheers to the off-duty paramedic that ran over to help a gentleman who collapsed in the Walmart parking lot. She was a god-send, so kind and helpful. She cared so much that he got home safe. Thank You!

CHEERS and blessings to the person who found and returned my husband’s wallet and ALL its contents to the service desk on Dec. 20. Thank you. That was a wonderful Christmas present for us.

I was so filled with joy and amazement on Friday the 20th when the person in the car in front of me in the drive thru lane pre-paid my bill. It made me feel so good that I pre-paid the bill for the car behind me. I felt great all day. Thank you mystery man. Happy Holidays and pay it forward.

Jeers to the person who shoveled the parking lot of ice, but left the handicapped spaces frozen solid. I almost slipped and fell. A friend had the same experience at the same place of business. When I spoke to management he just walked away.

Great cheers to the Granbury High School Chorus for their marvelous presentation of Handel’s Messiah. A wonderful accomplishment for them and a rich musical Christmas gift to the community. Sincere thanks to all involved.

AMS Bands. Amazing! Thank you for such a memorable concert. I was singing Coventry Carol and I Saw Three Ships all the way home. And the song about the rose had my eyes misty. Just beautiful.

Awesome job at the STARS graduation by all involved. Great program that helps kids. Mr. Young is an unsung hero in our community.

Jeers to the drivers of Hood County that do not understand that those of us who ride our bikes have every right to the road as you do. As an avid cyclist I ride as far to the right as safe. There is no reason to honk your horn, pass closer than the law states, or blast us with diesel fumes and gravel when sharing our lane.

Thankful to now live in Granbury and benefit from the nice church communities, the square, parks, unique shops and restaurants, and living around such giving people who share their time and talents time and time again. And, cheers, also, to the very nice gentlemen who are so polite here.

Cheers to the lady on 12/17/13 that paid for my $69 worth of groceries when my debit card would not work. She was more than happy to help and would not let me take her name to return her generosity. As she swiped her card she said “Merry Christmas.” I have never been in that situation before and will pay it forward.

Cheers to the top 2% GISD students that were honored at the Convention Center recently. And thanks to the very dedicated parents and families that supported these great kids and put on the banquet. GISD can be proud of the education they provide our children.

Cheers to John Hohnstreiter. You were a huge asset to parents, teachers, staff, and students at AMS. It’s a shame that we lose a good man to no proof!

I would like to thank all the people at deCordova Club House for the help with my car problems. They fixed it, and I thank you.

Cheers to the city for all the Christmas lights. They look fantastic!

Cheers to Hood County Builders Association for providing meals for Senior Citizens on Thanksgiving Day. We are all grateful for your kindness.

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