Sound Off

June 12, 2013

I am so saddened when I read these Sound Off notes from those who live in this community and have come to realize that people are fundamentally gullible and stupid. In this “blame someone” society that we have eroded into, common sense and logic are not to be found. Look outside, people, we are involved in a horrendous drought! Well Blame God then!

Thanks Commissioner Tout for all your hard work, dedication & being on site to clean up at Rancho Brazos. Often saw you out there helping to clean and being there for families, workers & volunteers. You are a huge asset to Precinct 3 and the county. Keep up the good work.

A person almost side swept and killed us on 144. Watch where you’re going!

Cheers to The Folks of Lipan. Couldn’t have picked a better place to break down in Our RV. Special THANKS to the Marshal, City Employes, Dusty a Volunteer firefighter, and just all the nice Folks that stopped. You made our vacation very Special.

Thank The Good Lord Above that we have wonderful teachers like Gaylene Carpenter, Tami Miller, Carolann Caruthers and all the hard working support staff caring for our special-needs children at school. They are informed, compassionate, and skilled unlike the idiotic-know-it-all spouting comments on punishment, discipline and what should be LEARNED.

Wow … Sales tax revenues are up, property values are up and the lake is down at record lows. I think most people are getting off focus and should understand that there is only two things that will save the lake. The draw down ratio between PK and Granbury and keeping the BRA from any additional water rights.

I’ll be going somewhere else for 4th of July. For 18 years I’ve watch the fireworks from my boat on the lake. My boat now appears permanently drydocked.

Would somebody please buy HCNews some periods! Why do your sentences have to be so long and confusing on your website?

Another HCNews witchhunt. This time at the library. There have always been people quitting jobs and people being unhappy with change. So why a front page story? This story could have been about any city or county department or any business in Hood County.

Congratulations to Logan Chandler, Valedictorian, and Gideon Sanders, Salutatorian, of Tolar High School. You both did an outstanding job at graduation. Congratulations to the class of 2013. We will miss you!

Why not bring in a Jason’s Deli or Potbelly or Which Wich?? We need more variety in this town not more of the same ole thing we’ve already got!

Cheers to Mrs. Richardson at Granbury High School. Without her my son wouldn’t have graduated on time this year! You are the best!

So the city settles with Charlie McIlvain. The Opera House is costing way more than they ever said it would. We need to start with some new blood.

Who authorizes the sale of water from Lake Granbury or from the City of Granbury to frac gas wells and who benefits financially from such sales?

Cheers to Courtney Kincaid and the amazing job she has done and continues to do at the Hood County Library! Courtney is very professional and works hard to make sure that her staff behaves in a professional manner as well. We are lucky to have her level of class and commitment.

The lack of a professional, positive leader caused the problems at the library. The workers submitted complaints to the proper source, who betrayed the confidentially of their statements. The county commissioner totally ignored the opinions of the workers. The workers were berated and demoralized in front of each other. I am not one of the workers.

I’ve visited the library many times throughout the past few months and I tell ya, those ladies are very nice now compared to the rudeness before. This isn’t real news guys.”

Jeers to Councilman Allen. He dares to talk about protecting taxpayers. He and his and Mayor Pro Tem Hulett and former Councilman Tyre’s decision to reject a $700,000 gift to the city and then tear down the quonset hut, with no plan, is exactly the reason the cost of the Opera House renovation is so high. You have not been a good steward of taxpayers.

Cheers to the teachers in special services and especially Mrs. Bracken, Principal Anna Roe and Vice Principal Karla Willmeth at AES for being so understanding, patient and loving to my Great Grandson during his kindergarten year. He is very special to his family and I felt he was to AES also. The best school in Acton and Granbury.

Support the local economy and choose local contractors for your storm damage repair and replacement needs. Some people are from far away. Where are these guys gonna be if warranty work is needed?

To the teenagers who had the underage DRINKING PARTY you life is more important than a few beers and if the person who gave you the alcohol was a friend they aren’t much off a friend and you need to stop hanging out with them.

CHEERS to the ladies that gave me & my young daughter a gift card while we bought groceries. Tolar Elementary had a theme called F.A.B. (Fill a Bucket) this year, or doing good for others. When you handed me the card & walked away, my daughter said, “Aw Mom, she filled our bucket!” A wonderful impression you made on us both!

Another weekend (+Memorial Weekend, too) with good weather and no lake. My canal is growing plants, yet I’m paying 3x more property taxes than the land-bound home across the street. Either fill the lake or lower my taxes and fill in the canal so I can plant food.

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