Sound Off

March 19, 2014

To the person in Rancho Brazos who took in my 2 black long haired male and female chipped cats, I appreciate you giving them a home, but they already have one and are missed deeply. Please find it in your heart, to let them come back to their only home they know by letting them back outside. Thank you.

The roadside trash is awful in Hood County. The people who are caught littering need to be fined. When you exit US 377 west onto business 377 west (Pearl St) the roadside trash is terrible. That’s the first thing visitors heading downtown see. We need an anti-litter campaign. We need signs. What happened to peoples’ pride in themselves?

I was there and heard Mr. Cruz he is a patriot and was warmly welcomed you must be deaf cause I heard cheering. He was endorsing patriotism, God and Freedom, wow tea party rhetoric, the things our founding Fathers sacrificed their all for.

Cheers to Texas. For over a century Midwest farmers have been buying Texas refined sweet crude oil which today is priced at $3.65 a gallon. I am absolutely convinced that any Wisconsin farmer will negotiate to sell sweet crude ground water back to you for exactly the same price. Just say fill it up “Lake” Granbury.

JEERS to the THIEF who broke into my home while I was at WORK! My toddler just recently got over the tornado stress and you just added fuel to the fire! So thank you for that! He doesn’t even want to be here now! Please consider returning my laptop … pictures cannot be replaced.

The Don’t Mess with Texas slogan is a joke, considering it’s Texans who are out there throwing the trash. It doesn’t fly in from another state, and it doesn’t do any good to jeer about it because the ignorant people who do it probably don’t even read a newspaper! The new slogan should be “only trash throws trash.”


Maybe a few more parents would donate to Ben the drug dog if drugs were not still a HUGE problem at the high school. Every student knows which bathrooms to avoid because of the drug traffic. It is openly shown in the athletic looker rooms. Parents’ focus should be on their children and prevention.

You got real bad information about MONEY for Ben. I am a small business owner in Granbury and I gave the K-9 department a $1,000 check earmarked for Ben.

I was disappointed reading about lack of contributions for Ben the drug dog. I did not see anything about a fund raiser. I must have missed that article. I would gladly donate to that! Life is so busy I regret that was something I overlooked thinking about. Please send one of those high school robo calls with information where to do that.

Jeers to the person who was offended by Rafael Cruz being invited to the Texas Independence Day of North Texas Day event. Rafael Cruz is a pastor, believes in the Constitution, loves America and fights for liberty every day. If that offends you, perhaps you are living in the wrong country.

I guess saving a young boy’s life is not very newsworthy to you. You finally run a story and you bury in on the sports page. Guess it was because it was coaches that saved the kid’s life. If it had been a carpenter, would you have put it under one of your ads in the back of the paper?

Jeers to our courts and Fire Marshal’s office for not reacting to conditions of drought and not issuing fire bans as all surrounding counties have. I have noticed in the past that it seemed that we were issuing fire bans too frequently but with the high winds and sustained drought conditions in Hood County, this has become a critical issue.

Cheers to the staff who did the Texas Independence Day Awards, but jeers to the woman announcer when no one could hear names of student awards she was announcing.

Cheers: Thanks to the person in front of me Jan. 20 that paid for my meal. What a pleasant surprise. I will pass the generosity of a kind person on to someone else.

Cheers to Tom Baker for purchasing and installing a nice, new mailbox at Ruth’s Place Clinic. The mailbox had been hit by a vehicle and was found in the middle of Crawford Ave. Cheers to you, Tom, and for people going out of their way to help! What a warm gesture on a very cold day!

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