Sound Off

March 12, 2014

Cheers to Commissioner Deaver. “There are things people can do without. They need them, but they can do without them.”

Jeers to those throwing trash on our roads. Stop!

Cheers to Coach Allen and the other AMS coaches who helped Tyler during his seizure! That had to be a scary situation for everyone and kudos for handling it so well!

Jeers to the litter in Hood County and Granbury proper! Hood County residents call TxDOT at 254-897-2647 and let them know we are tired of the trash! Contact Granbury City Hall through the Citizen Request Tracker and let them know how embarrassing it is for us. And how about the local businesses? -empty your trash and clean your parking lots!

Jeers to all the registered voters who did NOT vote in the primaries and to all that voted for the incumbents. You get what you deserve.

Granbury, turn my jeer into a cheer, & remove those creepy Halloween trees in the lake at the business 377 bridge! It’s a perfect time to take advantage of the low water levels & get rid of those eye sores once & for all. How glad we would all be when we get our lake back! Skiers, boaters, tubers, tourists, residents would soooo love it! Please!

Jeers to the restaurant where you are prompted to enter a 10,15 or 20% tip on the spot. Love your food, but don’t like the intimidation to leave a tip before we even get our food and when there isn’t even a wait person.

So what was the purpose of having a photo ID to vote? Did the poll worker look at my driver’s license to see if it was me? No. It was just passed through a card reader to obtain my name and address. I was tempted to go back home and get my wife’s ID and return to vote illegally.

My mom was here visiting our “quaint” town of Granbury from Pennsylvania. She asked me why Granbury has such ugly bridges. Her state decorates their bridges and center medians in quaint lighting and flowers … can you imagine that?

Texas law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from possessing, purchasing, or consuming tobacco products. Why do we see all of these underage individuals smoking at their workplaces? Shouldn’t the managers be encouraged to enforce the laws?

While I understand that the drought has brought the lake to record lows, and yes there are possibly some things that the BRA could do to help. Instead of bashing everybody else how about becoming proactive and use this opportunity to clean up the lake and remove some of the stumps along the main canal, or perhaps getting some of the old tires out!


Driving to work on Hwy 377, I keep seeing full black trash bags that have been thrown on the side of the road. This has been ongoing for months. After time the bags bust open and trash is everywhere along the highway. Hope we can catch this person and teach the lesson “Don’t Mess With Texas.” Let’s all be on the look out.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. If we keep electing the same officials over and over again, we have no one but ourselves to blame when they no longer listen to their constituents. It’s a great privilege to vote but I have to say, most of us are insane.

Well we found out one thing on Tuesday … Hood County does not like Keffer!

As a donor for Ben the drug dog, I was disappointed to learn that a call for funds to pay for Ben’s care for another year netted only one donation. Although a church kindly paid the entire tab, it saddens me that not one parent, teacher or student gave to this worthy cause.

It seems liberal democrats have finally achieved their dream. A president able to undo everything Ronald Reagan accomplished, both domestic and abroad.

So disappointed to see politics play into Texas Independence Day Celebration … Mr. Cruz, a well known controversial tea party spokesperson, was invited by organizers to kick off the event, he did that with a speech alienating many in the crowd with tea party rhetoric …sad to see the organizers push this on our community. Several votes lost here.

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