Woman killed in icy crash

January 16, 2013


The winter storm that brought sleet to the area on Tuesday morning caused multiple accidents on the roadways of Hood County, but the most serious was a head-on crash on the icy Weatherford Highway lake bridge that claimed the life of one woman.

That crash occurred as many were commuting to work, shortly after 7:30.

Information on the identity of the person killed was not available at press time. Granbury Police Department Deputy Chief Alan Hines confirmed just before press time that it was a fatality, but no other information had been released.

Shortly before 8 a.m., Sheriff Roger Deeds reported that there were about seven accidents across the county. The Weatherford Highway crash kept the bridge closed for almost two hours.

“There were problems to the south and to the west, and in the Cresson area,” Deeds said. “There were definitely a lot of icy spots on the bridges and overpasses.

“There were some slushy spots, but there were enough icy spots (to cause problems). Our patrol deputies saw too many people going too fast.”

As of press time, there were no reports that any schools in Hood County had delayed the start of classes Tuesday.

Rhonda Tankersley, who was driving northbound from Granbury to Weatherford to work, was two vehicles behind the one that slid into the other lane in the head-on crash. She called 911 after the crash.

“I started sliding also,” Tankersley said, adding that the first vehicle began sliding “almost like 360” and “he ended up in the southbound lane.”

She said that she couldn’t tell what type of vehicles were involved in the crash because she was worried about keeping her pickup straight – and making sure no one hit her from behind to start a chain reaction.

“I was fishtailing, and I was trying to keep control of my vehicle,” Tankersley said. “He just hit that icy spot there. I think they were both SUVs. It happened so fast.”

She said that she had slowed to about 30 mph, and the temperature reading shown on the dash of her pickup was 28 degrees when she noticed it later.

“I saw it slide, and I just let off the accelerator,” Tankersley said. “I saw debris flying. I was trying to keep control of my vehicle.

“It was very scary. I was just praying nobody would get hurt and that it didn’t start a chain reaction.”

Tankersley said there were other spots on the way to Weatherford that were slick, as well – and not everyone seemed to be driving cautiously.

“There were different spots,” she said. “There were a couple of other places where people ran off the road. You could see their tracks. A car was right on my tail, and I pulled over to let him go on.”

The hospital reported treating ice-related falls and injuries from car accidents.

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