Welding company plagued by tragedy sees face of Jesus

September 14, 2013


The folks at A&A Welding Inc. have had to face a lot lately. They lost one co-worker to a heart attack and nearly lost another the same way.

Perhaps it was because of all they had been through, or maybe it was in recognition of prayers routinely said on the job – but Jesus seems to have made an appearance at the welding shop on Liberty Road.

Co-owner Dan Ames said that he had instructed a young employee to do some welding work, putting handrails on a high scaffold.

“It was an everyday job,” he said.

Ames was just a few feet away, working on another task, and some other employees were working close by as well.

Suddenly, the employees all began to exclaim, “Wow!”

An image that each of them interpreted the same way had appeared on the thin piece of metal.

They believed they were seeing Jesus. When Ames took a look, he felt the same way.

“I’m humbled by it,” Ames said. “I’m a believer, and I think that image was meant for somebody. I’m just not sure who it was meant for, or why.”

Ames said that some of the employees said that maybe it meant that Notch was back. Notch Timmerman, who worked with Ames with Celebration Recovery, ministering to youths at the Juvenile Justice Center, was the employee who recently died of a heart attack.

“If you get within a foot of it, you can’t see it. But everybody that’s looked at it has seen it,” Ames said.

He stated that he will probably put the sheet of metal with the stunning image inside a shadow box for display at the welding shop.

“It’s a bunch of rust and some blue from heat, and that’s all it is,” Ames said. “But there it is.”

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