Tough times behind him; man feels blessed

November 27, 2013


In 2008 Al Biscardi of Granbury saw his life going downhill.

He was at the point where he wanted everyone to leave him alone. His marriage fell apart, and his daughter, Alyssa, was kept away from him.

It was the lowest point of his life.

Biscardi was living in Mineral Wells when one of his friends saw he needed help and called Louise Miller in Granbury. Miller had a knack for helping people and was able to pull Biscardi through this tough time and connected him with Lake Granbury Christian Temple.

“In November 2008 she asked if she could pray for me,” said Biscardi. “We were at a buddy’s house, and we went in the backyard and prayed. She told me that in 90 days my world was going to change.”

One day at church Miller told him to go up to the alter at the end of the service to be prayed for.

“They asked how they could pray for me,” said Biscardi. “I told then I just wanted my life back, I want my little girl back, I wanted my job, and I want my car. I want the things that I need to support my daughter. They prayed and Louise said, ‘Now leave it at the alter.’ It wasn’t two months later that I had Alyssa back in my care.

“Louise just kept telling me to be patient, it’s all in God’s time. This happened at a time when I was looking to move and just before Christmas she said, ‘Why don’t you just move down here?’

Miller, who has since moved to Louisiana, shared her home with Biscardi and Alyssa until he was able to get on his feet after finding work at Expressway Oil and Lube Center where he has worked his way up to manager and is going through the Leadership Granbury program this year.

“Louise is just a very Godly woman,” he said. “She put me on track, and she didn’t know me from Adam.”

He is thankful for the generosity of Miller but has received help from others along the way including local social agencies.

Biscardi has overcome needing government assistance and has even started investing some money.

“God has a plan and gift for everybody,” he said. “Some people choose to open their gift late in life, some open it up early in life. I opened mine up kind of late in life,” he said referring to his mechanic gift.

“I’ve always been around cars, built custom motorcycles, built drag cars, and when I admitted it, the more blessings we got and things came easier to us.

“I am most thankful for Alyssa. Without her in my life, I wouldn’t be here. I wanted to make life right for her. She’s been my salvation and has actually made me see life a whole lot different.

“We have a good life together, and I’m grateful for what I have. Very grateful.”

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