Son of missing Pecan man still hoping for answer

December 28, 2013


Not only was this year’s Christmas the second for Dave Moore without his father, Bill Moore, but Dec. 21 marked the missing man’s 84th birthday.

Bill Moore has not been seen by family or friends since March 10, 2012, the day he told his son, Dave Moore, that he was going from their home in Pecan Plantation into Granbury. There still have been no good leads in his disappearance.

“Obviously, we’re thinking of him often and during the holidays in particular,” said Dave Moore, noting it was a family tradition to gather together to be with Bill during this time of year. “It’s more poignant (now), and at times a little sad.”

While there have been no leads that panned out, two relatively recent developments got the attention of investigators.

A former Texas Ranger who has been assisting the Sheriff’s Office with cold case investigations had a “hunch” and requested that a sonar-equipped boat be sent out into Lake Granbury in the boat ramp area near the dam, southeast of Granbury.

The sonar signal detected two large underwater objects there, and the Hood County dive team was dispatched to the area along with Brazos River Authority lake rangers. On Oct. 22, a vehicle was found. The other object, which turned out to be a large boulder, was found a couple of days later.

The vehicle turned out to be a 1980 Volvo that had been missing since it was reported stolen from Duncanville in 1989. Moore was believed to have been driving his 1997 brown and silver Dodge Ram pickup when he left the front gate of Pecan Plantation. The pickup (Texas license 68MFS6) also has not been found.

“We thought there was a possibility he drove off into the lake,” Sheriff Roger Deeds said.

The other development, which Moore mentioned, was that investigators looked into a report that a serial killer – who was later apprehended in another state – had passed through Granbury during the approximate time frame when Bill Moore disappeared. However, Moore said, it turned out that the time frame did not match that of his father’s disappearance.

As far as tips from the public, Deeds said, “There haven’t been any called-in tips in a long time.”

Moore said that Gay Johnson, the Sheriff’s Office investigator assigned to the case, gives him an update about once a month.

Last March, about a year after the disappearance, Moore told the Hood County News that he feared foul play was behind his father’s situation. He said Monday that his opinion hasn’t changed.

“It was just a guess,” Moore said, who previously noted that his father had little money, and his two credit cards had not been used since he went missing. “I don’t have any evidence one way or another. To disappear, accidentally, that long is possible but hard to imagine.”

Moore said his father had been involved in furniture sales and ran some retail stores before he retired, and knew of no one who would want to do him harm.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “He pretty much stuck to himself. He was a genuinely nice person. He didn’t have any enemies.”

Moore said family members are tentatively planning on setting up a memorial service and intend to place a memorial bench bearing his name in Pecan Plainview Park – a place where he enjoyed spending time.

To report a tip or other information about Bill Moore, call the Sheriff’s Office at 817-579-3316 during regular business hours (Monday through
Friday), or call 911 after hours and on weekends.

“We’re not going to give up until he’s located. Any lead that comes to us, we’re going to check it out,” Deeds said. “It is strange that he never turned up anywhere, but we’ve got to have evidence before we can do anything with it.

“We don’t have evidence anything bad has happened. But it’s strange that we don’t have any evidence in a highly populated area of North Central Texas. I would think somebody knows something, or somebody saw something.”

Moore added, “I hope someday we’ll understand what happened, or something will come up. In the meantime, we’ve just got to go on.”

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