Sheriff: Security stepped up locally in wake of murders

April 3, 2013

Sheriff Roger Deeds and Deputy Chief Biff Temple confirmed Tuesday morning that Hood County is among several other counties in Texas providing increased security for prosecuting attorneys in the wake of the recent murders of the district attorney and one of his assistants in Kaufman County.

“Yes, we have increased some levels of security with the district attorney (Rob Christian), the county attorney (Lori Kaspar) and the assistants,” Temple said. “The security unit at the Justice Center, as you would think, their level of awareness has been heightened. Not only the awareness in the building, but also in the parking lots and surrounding areas. They are being monitored more closely.”

Deeds said the presence of deputies in the Hood County Justice Center, which happens to be the site of a capital murder trial this week, has increased coverage. For the trial of Kimberly Milwicz, which began Monday, there is no more security in the courtroom than for any other murder trial, Temple noted.

“They are stepping up the pace and increasing patrols around the building,” Deeds said of the response to the Kaufman County shootings.

Deeds said he spoke to Christian over the weekend after he heard about Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia being found shot to death in their home Saturday. Mark Hasse, an assistant D.A. for Kaufman County, was murdered by gunmen two months earlier.

“I met with the D.A. by phone and talked about a number of things to make sure all our attorneys stay safe until (Kaufman County investigators, and others) figure the whole thing out and catch the people who did it,” Deeds said. “We are talking to all the deputies to make sure they are aware of what’s going on and to pay a lot more close attention to everything going on.”

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