School stops ‘Jeffersons’ theme

October 31, 2012

Maybe it wasn’t the best choice of music at the time.

The “Movin’ on Up” theme song from the 1970s sitcom “The Jeffersons” was incorporated with graphics on the Pirate Stadium scoreboard Friday night when Granbury hosted Fort Worth Trimble Tech.

“The Jeffersons” were a black family. Trimble Tech players and fans are predominantly black.

The song was not intended to be offensive, Granbury school spokesman Jeff Meador said. It did not play again after school representatives learned that some people were offended, he said.

A mother of one of the Trimble Tech players told a concession stand worker on the visitors side that people in the visitors bleachers were offended by the song, according to a concession stand worker.

Graphic design students developed several graphics to display on the new scoreboard with popular music coming from the loudspeakers.

The band was not involved.

“The ‘Movin’ on Up’ theme song was used after earning a first down,” Meador explained. “There were several other graphics and songs for other situations.

“The use of this song was not intended to be offensive to anyone. After word was received on Friday night that some had been, it was discontinued for the remainder of the game.”

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