Schedule saved Granbury artist from blasts

April 17, 2013


Mike Tabor watched in horror Monday as bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Fortunately, for he and his wife Suzy, they were watching on TV. Were it not for an adjustment in schedule, they would have been near the explosion.

The Tabors were in Boston last week at the mayor’s reception for the unveiling of a sculpture he created to commemorate Dick and Rick Hoyt’s 30th year participating in the Boston Marathon. It is one of numerous marathon and iron man events in which the father (Dick) pushes his wheelchair-bound son (Rick), an occurrence that has made the duo world-famous.

The unveiling took place on April 8. The Tabors were safe back in Granbury long before Monday’s race.

“We were actually hoping they would do it later in the week, and if they had done that we’d have stayed for race day,” said Tabor.

“We’d have been in the VIP stands across from the bombing.”

Tabor said he was watching the race on TV and tracking the Hoyts on the Boston Athletic Association website when news of the first explosion broke. Seconds later, another blast happened, and his thoughts immediately went to his friends, the Hoyts and others.

The Hoyts were escorted safely off the course, he learned. But what about his friends who were closer to the blasts?

“I have friends who hold the tape at the finish line. The man who commissioned me (for the sculpture) is CEO for John Hancock, and I’ve become friends with him and a lot of others connected,” said Tabor.

“As far as I know, no one I know was hurt in the explosions.”

Tabor said even though he wasn’t in Boston on race day Monday, he will never forget his connection to the tragic day.

“I have mixed blessings,” he said in a somber tone, as if to mentally place himself in the turmoil. I’m glad we’re back, but we were just there.

“We made it out, but so many didn’t.”

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