Saturday’s auction total shatters all-time high

January 16, 2013


The top bid for Macey Burch’s grand champion steer in the 58th Hood County Junior Livestock Show sparked a thunderous applause Saturday afternoon in the Courts Cleveland Show Barn.


That was the record-smashing bid from the Granbury New Car Dealers Association.

The previous high was last year’s $13,000.

“$30,000 is pretty unbelievable,” Hood County Livestock Raisers Association President David Massey said. “That’s a major show price.”

Because Hood County opted for the premium sale format several years ago, youngsters get to keep the money AND take their animals to other sales. Burch said she will be hauling her 1,300-pound steer named “Voodoo” to the Fort Worth show.

After the record bid, Burch, 13, an Acton Middle School eighth-grader, walked over to the car dealers and shook their hands, thanking them for the huge support.

The steer bid wasn’t the only record breaker.

Six grand champions drew all-time high bids.

The champion hog brought a record $15,000. The curly tail was dancing in the auction ring. “For $15,000 he can wag his tail all day long,” show announcer Steve Berry smiled.

A large sign on a wall in the arena notes record bids from the past.

“It looks like we’ll have to change the whole sign,” Massey laughed.

The bids held steady the rest of the afternoon. The total for the day was $338,250, shattering last year’s record by $97,000.

It was a pleasant surprise for Massey and other livestock raisers who sponsor the show.

“I was hoping we’d get to the record last year, but I had no idea we’d do that well,” he said. “It tells me people in Hood County will support the youth of Hood County who worked hard all year.

“We have one of the best, if not the best, county shows in the state.”

An emotional moment came near the end of the auction.

The next to the last animal, a lamb, was shown by Granbury FFA member Hallie Parsons. She announced that she would donate half of the bid to cancer care in Hood County.

The lamb brought an amazing $8,000.

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