Roan undergoing cancer treatment in Illinois

August 3, 2013

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Precinct 2 County Commissioner Dick Roan said this week that he is doing well as he finishes the first half of 40 radiation treatments for prostate cancer.

Roan has so far missed two Commissioners Court meetings and some specially called meetings because he is receiving Calypso radiation treatment at a Cancer Treatment Centers of America facility in a suburb of Chicago. He said he plans to be back by the end of August.

Calypso radiation has been shown to be accurate and precise in its real-time tracking, which keeps radiation focused on the tumor without impacting healthy tissue around it. Patients tend to experience fewer side effects.

Roan told the Hood County News this week that he has experienced only “a little weakness” and a few other minor issues since his treatment began.

The commissioner said that the prostate cancer “was 90 percent involved on the right side” and was classified as “a cancerous tumor.”

“It was something they had to get on quickly,” he said.

Roan stated that his treatment involves being placed in a body cast every morning, with three implanted “Calypso seeds” emitting radio beacons.

“I have tattoos around my middle, like a walking target,” he said. “The radiation tube is passed around you twice and it’s only fired when it gets a signal from those beacons. It’s cutting edge.”

The commissioner said that he is on the computer every day, keeping up with county business and communicating with other members of the Commissioners Court. He said that he is “quick to answer” when his views are sought regarding the budget and other matters.

Roan praised Cancer Treatment Centers of America and said that the facilities treat “the whole person.” The Centers not only provide medical care, but also services aimed at the mental state, attitudes and spirituality of patients.

“They’re just so attentive,” he said. “I am completely confident that I’m going to end up being cancer free.”

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