Mission Granbury has new offices; forming Ethics Committee

April 5, 2014


A new, larger location is not the only thing new at Mission Granbury.

Executive Director April Mitchell will soon form an Ethics Committee to provide case oversight for clients who are “resource dependent.”

Discussion and review of individual cases will help provide transparency and accountability to stakeholders and funders, Mitchell said, while also providing education about why some clients need extended help.

The committee will likely be formed by June, after the staff has settled into their new offices at 3611 Plaza East Court, off Highway 377 behind Goodyear. The doors were opened to the public on Wednesday.

According to Mitchell, not only is there more space to accommodate the agency’s growing clientele, but it’s also a safer, more secure location. For years, Mission Granbury was located off the more remote Weatherford Highway.

The term “resource dependent” is used to describe clients who repeatedly request assistance.

According to Mitchell, a common belief about clients who are “resource dependent” is that they are taking advantage of services. However, there are often valid reasons why the help is needed, she said.

An example, she said, would be a single mother of three children who has a job, but is under-employed and having difficulty providing for her family.

“We want to provide the best client service that we can,” Mitchell said. “We want to have our t’s crossed and our i’s dotted. Perception is important regarding the finances.”

The executive director said the Ethics Committee will be composed of between 20 and 25 people who represent various stakeholders as well as financial donors.

Examples of stakeholders are churches, the Salvation Army and Hood County Children’s Charities.

Mitchell said she envisions the committee meeting once a month.

However, the committee will make that decision.

She said the group will start its work by reviewing a sampling of the 3,944 “resource dependent” clients who have been receiving services from Mission Granbury.

If the committee disagrees with Mission Granbury’s course of action on a particular case, then the agency’s staff will revisit its assessment, Mitchell said.

“But we will certainly be advocating for the mother with three children, or for that senior who is living on their Social Security,” she said, adding that one-third of the clients served by Mission Granbury’s Emergency Assistance Network is over 65.

Mitchell said the committee will help Mission Granbury be accountable to its funders “and the public.”

“I’m really excited about this,” she said. “We truly want to maximize our funding, but I’m hopeful that it will make the stakeholders and the financial investors more comfortable with the decisions we’re making.”

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